Welcome to the Cardiff University Start-up and Venture Capital Society – your gateway to a world of entrepreneurial inspiration and growth! We're dedicated to providing a dynamic platform where innovation, networking, and skill-building converge.

A Vibrant Spectrum of Events:
Our society orchestrates an array of engaging events, from networking sessions that unite budding entrepreneurs, investors, and industry pioneers, to pitch competitions where ingenious ideas take center stage. Enjoy relaxed drinks nights, golf days, and diverse social gatherings designed to foster connections and camaraderie.

Igniting Insights and Accelerating Growth:
For startups craving expansion, we're your beacon of guidance. Count on us for valuable insights from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Our workshops illuminate pivotal growth strategies, marketing prowess, and financial acumen, empowering startups to chart their trajectory towards triumph.

Nurturing Tomorrow's Start-up Professionals:
Embarking on a journey into the startup realm? Look no further. We orchestrate illuminating career panels, internship expos, and intimate chats with thriving founders. Unearth diverse roles within the startup ecosystem and make informed career strides.

Fueling Ambitions in Buy-Side Investment:
Diving into buy-side investment roles? Our society offers a distinctive avenue for learning. Collaborating closely with venture capital and private equity firms, we curate workshops spanning equity research, financial modeling, and portfolio management. Acquire the skills and insights vital for excelling in this exhilarating arena.

Experience-Fueled Partnerships:
What sets us apart? We've forged robust partnerships with a spectrum of venture capital and private equity firms. These collaborations infuse our events with real-world experience, enabling you to glean insights from the industry's best. Through guest lectures, workshops, and networking opportunities, you'll tap into a wealth of knowledge and connections.

Join the Cardiff University Start-up and Venture Capital Society to unlock a realm of potential. As innovation thrives and experience-driven partnerships flourish, your journey towards entrepreneurial triumph begins here. Embrace the future with us – where ideas soar and connections flourish!




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