Engineering Society

Engineering Society

General Overview

Welcome to the EnginSoc!

The Cardiff University Engineering Society welcomes any new members who are studying Engineering, lecturers or show a particular interest in the field!

As a society, we organise exciting new events regularly that provide valuable opportunities to make friends, to learn, and most importantly, to promote the fun in Engineering.

Throughout the year, we organise social events such as the Toga party as a kickstart of the year, and many enjoyable themed nights. The most popular event of the society is the infamous Engineering Christmas Ball, which members will get a discounted price for the ticket. Alongside this, there are talks from professional people in the industry and site visits, which gives you an insight into what working as an engineer will be. This year, the society also has a few trips in place in the UK and abroad, which includes the Cern at Geneva (Switzerland), the SS Great Britain at Bristol, the Bletchley Park at Milton Keynes, where all transports are included. Finally, there will be a chance to join the sub-committee during the academic year for those who want to get involved in organising society and boosting their CV.

Socials and Balls

This society was created to support students throughout their time in Cardiff and the offers of events, visits, field-trips and talks can be really enjoyable so don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

We have a Toga Social planned already, trips abroad/around the country and our most popular event the Engineering Christmas Ball which will be held at the Hilton Hotel this year! So make sure you get a ticket as soon as they come out! Also, we have socials with lecturers where you can get to know them and also they will be attending the ball!


Memberships this year will be £4, and £18 with the EnginSoc bottles. It includes entry to nights out at free/very discounted prices. Members will roughly save a total of £20 on our events throughout the year.


We are selling our very own and first-ever merchandise with Bosh, where we have bottles with an EnginSoc logo which can be used for hot and cold drinks. 

These are the two bottles that we are selling at the moment!

They are modern, metallic, 500ml insulated water bottles, with our society’s logo attached for a reasonable price!

These bottles are double insulated, hence are perfect for both hot & cold drinks!

Grey Bottle

Black bottle



We are looking forward to welcoming you to join our society, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates!

So get yourself a membership what are you waiting for?


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  • Society 500mL water insulated bottles (without standard membership fee) (BLACK)£15.00
  • Society 500ml insulated water bottles (without standard membership fee) (GREY)£15.00