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At the end of the last academic year the Economics Society merged with the Business Society to form the Cardiff Business School Society. We’re sorry for any confusion that this has caused and a refund will be issued to you ASAP. If you’d like to still participate in our amazing social and academic opportunities, then please use your refund to purchase a society membership with our new, merged society at the link below: (P.s. this one is £1 cheaper!) We look forward to seeing you all at our society events. Perhaps even our music bingo GIAG on Monday!

Welcome to Cardiff University Economics Society's Students Union page!

The Economics Society aims to promote an inclusive approach to economics open to students from any degree background. We are a very welcoming and friendly society and excited for bring you socials and events for the 2021/22 academic year!

The Committee is excited to bring you new events and activities that not only explore economics but, also have social events so you can meet new people and have fun outside of academics!! If you do not study an economics degree, you can still join the society, some of our events will explore how economics connects with other disciplines and industries. 

What do we offer?

·      Merch!!

·       Guest Speakers, Talks from our own academics and careers events

·       Regular socials – both for drinkers and non-drinkers

·       Themed events i.e. halloween parties, freshers fancy dress and more 

·       Christmas Dinner and Summer Balls 

·       Joint socials and events with other societies

·       Trading Games with prizes to be won!

·       Fortnightly Coffee Shop Chats 

·       Film Nights 

·       Debates 

Like us on Facebook here and for up to date information on what events and opportunities we have coming up, please join our Cardiff University Economics Society Facebook Group and follow us on instagram and twitter. Check out our linktree for other initiatives  *feel free to join the discord server if you are studying an economics or related degree

Hope to see you soon




*please note that memberships are non-refundable. your membership fees help us plan and execute events for you throughout the academic year, they will also help subsidise large events like the Christmas Dinner and Summer Ball

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Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.