Debating Society

Debating Society

Would you like to be more confident? Would you like to improve your public speaking? Would you like to sharpen your analytical thinking skills? If you would, come along to Cardiff University's Debating Society. We hold a weekly, Thursday debate at 6pm in the Beverton Lecture Theatre in Main Building and a Monday training session at 5:30pm in 4G in the SU. Feel free to join us on a Thursday even if you have never debated before! We are happy to explain everything!

At our weekly debates everyone is involved, either as debater or a judge; you get to decide.  After our debates we will have a range of socials to cater to both those wishing and not wishing to drink.

We hold various public debates throughout the year with external speakers who are experts in their field. In the past, the issues discussed have included: gay marriage, multiculturalism, corporation tax and Britain's membership of the EU. In addition to the many debates we  hold numerous socials throughtout the year. These include but are not limited to, nights at the opera, theatre, bowling, restaurant visits, pub quizzes, and cinema trips. 

As a member of Cardiff University Debating Society you will have the opportunity to travel to competitions which are great way to make new friends, improve your debating skills, and boost your CV.

We welcome new students from many different countries, levels of study, and debating experience. In fact, the majority of our members have never debated before they join university but pick it up quickly. We will be having second language speaker friendly support if there is a high enough demand for them.

Don't feel scared. Come along and give it a go!

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