Did you know that the number of Cyber Security jobs that will go unfilled is expected to reach 1.8 million by 2022? That's up 20% from 2015!

This represents a huge opportunity for students to position themselves for an industry with gigantic career prospects.

Does this surprise you? Are you interested in hacking, defending systems, managing risk, cryptography, secure development or any branch of cyber at all?

Do you like the sound of:

- Being part of a university-wide networking platform to associate with like-minded prospective cyber entrants?

- Receiving talks from industry experts with considerable experience within information security?

- Attending information security conferences throughout the UK, gaining exposure to employers and building your network?

- Participating in capture the flag sessions, showing off your hacking skills (or building on them)?

- Finding your ideal career in cyber for your personality (there may be more variety than you think)?

- Stepping outside your comfort zone, growing personally and professionally?

- and more planned...

Join CyberSoc today, and you'll be rubbing shoulders with tremendously passionate students and industry players who are serious about cyber and want to make a difference.

Remember: Employers frequently cite demonstration of passion for your field and a willingness to learn as top factors in the recruitment decision-making process. This could be a way for you to strengthen in these areas, and learn lots along the way too, helping to create a solid position for yourself in the job market!


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