CU Equal Opportunities Law Society

Who are we?

We are a new society launching this year. Our aim is to provide a community, opportunities and information for students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are interested in a legal career or law in general. Alongside this we promote awareness about the importance of social mobility and widening participation within the legal sector. Join us for a year full of fun socials and helpful events to expand your network.


Why become a member?

Our FREE membership gives you exclusive access to our helpful newsletter, first priority to our events and discounted prices on events. Our membership is only free for the first semester only. Do not miss out!

Who might want to become a member?

Students who might be interested in becoming a member could:

- Be an ethnic minority 

- Have a disability 

- Come from a low-income household 

- Be a care-giver 

- Have grown up in local authority or state care

- Be a refugee or asylums seeker

- Be estranged from their parents

- Be the first in their family to attend university

(Please note that this list is not exclusive, these are just some suggestions).


Connect with us on:
Instagram: cu.eo.lawsoc
LinkedIn: Cardiff University Equal Opportunities Law Society
Facebook: Cardiff University Equal Opportunities Law Society 


If you have any questions feel free to message us or email us on

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