BSL Society

BSL Society

BSL Society is a society for students who are deaf, hard of hearing, or are learning British Sign Language (BSL). It would allow students to meet others who are able to communicate in BSL and will provide a platform for many to practise their BSL and meet others with similar experiences of being a young person with a hearing disability. In doing so we hope to create a student led community to support Deaf Culture.

We are primarily made up of students who wish to improve their current skills in sign language and be able to use. If you have no previous experience in BSL, we promote the Signature course offered at a reduced price through the Student’s Union, as well as the ‘Give it a Go’ sessions we will be holding in the future, where our members will provide teaching sessions to anyone with an interest to teach them some of the basics.

We meet regularly on Tuesdays, but often in a range of different locations and times where BSL is encouraged to practised as the primary language. We hold a range of socials, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ranging from bowling to parties.

We are a very friendly bunch, who would love to see you join our society. So, if you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the members of the committee. 

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