CoppaFeel Society

CoppaFeel Society

CoppaFeel! Cardiff Uni Boob Team is representing the charity CoppaFeel! ( with an overall goal of increasing the awareness of breast cancer in young people and how checking your breasts can save your life.  7.3% of all Cancer deaths are from breast cancers (Cancer Research UK) and this can be reduced by earlier detection and faster interventions.  The Uni Boob team aims to help stamp out late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer ensuring students know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. The Boob team will encourage all students to check their breasts regularly and have the confidence to seek medical referral if any changes are detected. 

As well as this, the team will endeavour to raise as much money for CoppaFeel! with a target of £1000 per academic year. We aim to spread the boob love across the Cardiff University Campus encouraging everyone to know their breasts.

The 2017/18 campaign has been fantastic as we managed to raise over £5300, win Best Small Society at the Cardiff Students Union Society Awards and BEST VOLUNTEERING AND CHARITY SOCIETY at the National Society Awards! What a year it has been, we'd love for you to join us for the next academic year! 

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