Consultancy Society

Consultancy is a major aspect of all industries and is popular among graduates for a variety of reasons. It provides dynamic working environments with projects changing frequently (usually between every 3 and 6 months).  Whether you would like to work towards a professional qualification in a graduate job or attain essential skills to diverse into different areas and industries, consultancy provides a substantial platform for doing so.

The Society will have current and relevant projects throughout the year, looking to replicate real life situations. Alongside providing background knowledge, we look to continue on the success of the previous year by inviting professionals in the field to give insight into their daily life and run case studies. We will also focus on professional development to enhance your CV, interview skills and more. During the second semmester, we will again look to provide real life consultancy work for a local business, giving you invaluable real life experience. It will also signal to employers that you are interested in this area, or that you are already in the process of improving your skill-set through extra-curricular means. Also, connecting with like minded individuals will prove invaluable in the future.

Despite sounding so serious, enjoyment is a vital part of the society and we will be running various social events throughout the year. Each session will be laid-back, with no expectations on any member.

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