Consultancy Society

Consultancy Society

Cardiff University Consultancy Society will introduce the consultancy industry to members and improve members skills related to the industry.

Consultancy is a huge industry within finance and is popular with graduates for a variety of reasons. Firstly, consultancy provides a very dynamic work place. Projects change very frequently (usually between every 3 and 6 months) which makes the work consistently different. Secondly, consultancy is a great way to work towards a professional qualification in a graduate job. Giving you necessary skills to move into different areas and different industries. Thirdly, comparatively to other major financial industries consultancy is one of the best paid – especially when considering the hours expected of a grad in investment banking.

The Society will have current and relevant projects throughout the year, looking to replicate real life situations. We will look at some theory but try to keep all classes interesting and be a society where enjoyment is a main priority. The Society will also look to inform about major players in the industry, potential roles a member could go into after leaving University, and an overlook at what the consulting industries actually achieves.

Through this Society, the member can expect to improve on lots of core consulting skills and knowledge of the field. It will also signal to employers that you are interested in this area, or that you are already in the process of improving your skill-set through extra-curricular means.

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