Cardiff University Conservative Society

Cardiff University Conservative Society

Cardiff University Conservative Association is the most active political society at Cardiff University and the only society that represents the views and concerns of centre-right students on campus!

Throughout the year our members will be given the opportunity to meet high profile politicians, engage in a range of regular socials, from drinks receptions, port & policy, nights out and campaign sessions. We also work closely with the wider Conservative Party, supporting our elected-members in the UK Parliament, the Welsh Parliament and at a local level too. We offer a range of fantastic opportunities, giving you the opportunity to make a real difference at this university!

What we do:

  • Champion the concerns of every student at this university. Whether you're an undergraduate in your first year or a post-graduate working alongside the academic body, we strive to ensure your interests are protected.
  • Offer a real alternative centre-right voice for students. It's vital every student at this University be given the opportunity to debate and debate. We offer students the ability to do just that.
  • Take part in national and local Conservative Party campaigns, giving you the opportunity to meet high-profile figures in the Conservative Party and the wider conservative movement.
  • Campaign regularly in Cardiff at a university and local level. We'll continue to hold Cardiff University and Cardiff Students Union to account, ensuring your interests are kept at the heart of the decision-making process. In the run-up to the 2021 Welsh Parliament elections, we'll be out supporting our candidates across the whole of Cardiff. 
  • Offer and arrange experience in both the Welsh Parliament and the House of Commons. Many of our members have gone on to work for our MPs and AMs, as well as a range of other jobs in politics - We'll do what we can to support you.

Make sure you check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date with what we're planning throughout the year and feel free to message us if you want to know more information or get involved!

We offer a range of fantastic events and opportunities, you can be a part of our movement for just £1, so make sure you join below!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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