Gaming Society

Gaming Society

Cardiff Computer Gaming Society, we do what it says on the tin. We're a collection of gamers who meet regularly to play a few games and socialise, be they console, pc, card or board games - every Monday until the exams as long as a room is available, hopefully with cheap pizza. We've also set up a friendly tournament that spans these weekly socials with a few cool prizes and the glory of being a great gamer. As well as our weekly meets you'll find us going to places like LaserQuest, Bowling, Winter Wonderland and Talk and Surf. We're also the guys you need to come to in order to get your gaming consoles registered on the Eduroam network, there's instructions on our Facebook page and you can come along to our weekly gatherings to sign up your consoles. Sign up and we hope to see you there!

This is the link you want to register your PC, and it is preferred if you are wired. Just go through 'connect a device'. If it does not work, click the fix button. If fix does NOT work, message the help group.

IT IS NECESSARY to be wired. No wire = no internet. Sorry. Use the same link and 'connect a console'. You will need your WIRED MAC address. You'll find it somewhere in settings.

I need testers for this. I need posts stating from several people if they are wired/not wired, and times you've tried to log on. 
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