Christian Union

We are a body of Christians with all the add-ons and extras removed. We are Christianity stripped down to the basics. We are just people, united through our one desire to find righteousness in the person of Jesus Christ.

The vision of Cardiff University Christian Union is to strive together in bearing witness to the salvation and life we've found in Christ - to the whole of Cardiff University. This is our mission and this is our joy.

Christian Union exists to act as support and encouragement for students seeking to share their faith with the rest of the University. All of our activities have this sentiment at the centre. But that's not to say you only qualify if you are the most zealous Christian, burning with enthusiasm and commitment to the cause. We seek to be as inclusive as possible. Wherever you're at with your faith - if you believe that God raised Jesus from the dead and you're willing to confess Christ as Lord, we want you. You could be completely fresh to the faith or you could be the most dedicated evangelist. You could be doubting your faith, or even trying to actively escape it. Most of all, you could be someone who doesn't even believe - but wants to know more. It's for people like you that we exist!

One last note: we're not on a mission to 'convert' others. Never do we aim to turn others into our evangelism projects. We believe Christ's love has before, and can again, change the world.

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