We are Cardiff University's NOVIS (Neurodivergent Opportunity, Visibility and Inclusion Society)! Open to all neurodivergent students, as well as allies, we are dedicated to raising awareness of neurodivergence and charities that support neurodivergent people.

We hope to create a community of like-minded people, share tips and tricks to help with life at Cardiff Uni when you’re neurodivergent, and provide a safe space for members to socialise and make new friends! We can also help signpost you towards support services if you feel you would benefit from this.

We are affiliated with the charity Ambitious About Autism.


What does NOVIS do?
Here are some of the main things we offer currently... 


  1. • Weekly online events on our Discord Server and on Zoom! These include quizzes, special interest swaps, video sharing sessions, game nights and more!
  2. • An online community (our Discord Server, as well as a private Facebook group);
  3. • Opportunities to get involved with fundraising or campaigning;
  4. • An online, collaborative document, with tips and tricks related to dealing with life while at Cardiff University;
  5. • A buddy scheme for those feeling lonely, struggling to settle in, or simply looking for people with similar interests; • We can also help to signpost you towards support offered by university services. 


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NOVIS October By-Election 2021: Wellbeing Officer

NOVIS By-Elections 2021 – Wellbeing Officer Needed! Hi all! By-elections are now open, so here’s everything you need to know! We’re looking for someone to step into the role of Wellbeing Officer and join the NOVIS committee! Given the nature of our society, this is a vital role for us to fill. Here’s what you need to know: What is a Wellbeing Officer? - The Wellbeing Officer is responsible for the signposting of student members to support services, and ensuring inclusivity and accessibility of the society. - They shall make themselves known to the members of the society, and ensure they remain accessible during society activities. Wellbeing Officers are expected to: - Attend Wellbeing Officer Training at their earliest possible opportunity; - Work closely with the Students’ Union, in particular your Societies and Volunteering Coordinator, to raise any significant difficulties or recurring issues within the Society; - Liaise with the Committee to ensure activities are accessible to all members. Who can run? - Any paid member of NOVIS (someone who has ‘bought’ a membership from the SU website) who is a current Cardiff University student, may nominate themselves! This includes Freshers and anyone who has just joined the society this year! What does being a Wellbeing Officer entail? - If you are interested in nominating yourself, you must be aware of the very serious nature of this role. - There may be situations in which a Wellbeing Officer may have to talk to someone who is suicidal, who is experiencing domestic/sexual abuse, may be being stalked etc. People who are triggered by topics such as these or are very uncomfortable with them will probably not be the best fit for this position. - The Wellbeing Officer will receive training on how to handle situations such as those listed above, such as anti-suicide training. - If you nominate yourself for this role, you must be certain that you would be a good fit for it; confidentiality is an extremely imperative part of this role. - The Wellbeing Officer must only share the information relayed to them by a member with the relevant student service (with their consent, or in an emergency, with good reason) - The Wellbeing Officer needs to be mature and responsible enough to respect that confidentiality and all members’ privacy. The Wellbeing Officer is also responsible for overseeing the Buddy Scheme, so they need to ensure that they have enough time to cover this, too! Good luck to everyone who puts their name forward! We’re looking forward to working with you!

1 post is up for election.

Nominations are now closed.

The polls are open and will close at 23:59 on Sunday 24 October 2021 (in 4 days and 14 hours)

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