Cardiff Medics Yoga and Wellbeing Society

Welcome to the Cardiff Medics Yoga & Wellbeing Society! Our Society provides a range of virtual and in-person sessions open to all courses focussing on yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

We schedule our sessions so that the times and locations suit those of healthcare students, with the aim to relieve everyday stress and anxiety. We have fully trained instructors who run our yoga classes tailored to all different abilities, alongside other sessions concentrating on mindfulness and meditation, so please don’t be shy and come join us!

We run weekly 60 minute yoga sessions to help you build your practice and additional workshops to enable a deeper dive into specific topics. Previous workshops have included headstands, backbends, workplace wellbeing and staying healthy on placement. 

Learning to practice this can help you become more aware of the present moment, helping you to enjoy life more and understand yourself better. All of which can enable you to deal with day to day stresses, whether it be busy schedules, placements or exams. Perhaps most importantly, our society allows you time to care for yourself, ultimately meaning you are able to provide better care to your patients. 

So come and relax, breathe and unwind, and we look forward to seeing you!


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