Capoeira Society

Capoeria is a Brazilian art form, combining elements of martial art, dance, acrobatics and music.

It is an excellent form of fitness as well as being a true full body workout, flexibility, confidence, co-ordination, reactions, acrobatics, expression and rythm can all be developed through playing Capoeria. Students will also be able to learn about Brazilian culture, learn Portugese and learn to play the instruments involved in Capoeria.

Capoeria was first developed in the 16th century by the African slaves population of Brazil. It was first brought to the UK in the late 80s. Our teacher, Claudio Campos, started teaching in Bristol and Cardiff almost 20 years ago, and has built up a dedicated group of students since then. As well as teaching Cardiff University students he also teaches at Bristol University aswell as to the wider population of the two cities.

The club trains twice a week, on Wednesdays at 8-9.45 in Canton Community Center and at the same time on Fridays in Talybont Sports Center. Membership to the society will cost £5 for the year and each class will cost £4.

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