Cardiff University Business School Society   

Are you part of Cardiff Business School or just interested in business? Well here at Cardiff Business Society we have a place for you to belong. In this society we have a focus on balance between social development and academic development. We plan to host events from invigorating investment days and bustling employment events to magnificent balls and spectacular social events. All of which are there to help you develop, build or finish your sense of belonging with Cardiff university.  We strive to provide the most inclusive environment for not only CARBS students but everyone with an interest in business, also to the broad array of ages ranging from first years who are new to the school to PHD students that have been with the school for years. With this in mind the social aspect of business in networking is a key focus for Cardiff Business Society. So why not give it a go, come network, have an amazing time and make some friends for life. Because here at Cardiff University you belong.

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