Bollywood Dance Society

Bollywood Dance Society

The Bollywood Dance Society aims to teach niche styles of Indian dancing to Cardiff University students. With the use of exhilarating music, energetic dance and colourful costumes Bollywood Dance Society guarantee an electrifying experience for all! Whether you are new to Bollywood or not, we will make it easy for you to learn new choreography, with rhythms and melodies that will ensure you to have a memorable experience.

We have recently been named the Best Arts and Performance Society in the United Kingdom! Click here to read more!

We offer bollywood, bhangra and classical classes every week in the Student Union during university term time. We offer discounted tickets to the first classes of each semester, as part of the Give It A Go initiative. These are introductory dance classes which will give you the chance to try before you buy full membership.

Classes this term:

Bhangra - Monday 9pm-10pm, Room 4J

Classical - Tuesday 5pm-6pm, Y Stwdio

Bollywood - Tuesday 6pm-7pm, Y Stwdio

At the end of each semester we anticipate that members will be excited to show off their practiced routines, particularly at the Winter Showcase in December and our end of year performances at Cardiff Fringe Festival and Go Global in March. If you would like to part in these peformances, make sure you have purchased membership so we can provide you with costumes! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to get yours now!

Still unsure? Check out some of our recent performances by clicking here!

Alongside learning the routines, we will hold regular socials to allow members to integrate and get to know one another better, including themed socials designed to embrace the Indian culture. It gives a chance for people of all backgrounds to mix and pursue their passion for dancing. Our previous socials have included movie nights, bollywood-themed club nights, karaoke, pub socials, bowling and laser tag! 

Bollywood dancing is a great way to keep on your feet and keep fit so come along to our Give It A Go sessions to get a real glimpse and bolly feel! You can buy tickets via the links on the bottom of this page.

Join our group and like our page on Facebook for more details about our Give it a go sessions, class timings, performances, and most importantly our socials! We also have a twitter and instagram page for regular updates, the links are on the left!

Love Bollysoc xxxx



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  • Bollywood Dance Society Standard Membership - Half Year£22.00