Art Society

Art Society

ArtSoc welcomes and supports all abilities, mediums and styles. We have resources for our members and you are welcome to bring your own. learn new things, relax and have fun! We always have a laugh and hold a variety of events. We've got some big plans for ArtSoc this year:

TRIPS -  starting with local galleries, museums and building up to Bristol and London 

EVENTS - want to get into art but not sure where to start or what to do? These organised events will provide a framework to try something new with your mates in the society. We're thinking sketch groups, life drawing, still life, clay, graffiti, photo printing etc. we'll make it happen, when there's a will there's a way. 

WEEKLY SESSIONS - the bread and butter; these are open format times to meet and pursue whatever artistic interest you want. Whether it's sketching, exploring different styles, practising new techniques or a painting you're returning to over the weeks, we will be using our slot in the SU well.

SOCIALS - If we end up life drawing in a private room in Revs, these may merge with the 'events' a bit... we're keen to get a proper community going and have some ideas like watching arty films as well as the classic socials. Whatever happens, some say we have a deal that includes money off food and £1 shots.

Come along to learn new skills and meet new people. We are a really friendly bunch and always excited to see new faces and make friends. With weekly sessions, events and socials at least once a month there is plenty to get involved with! From life-drawing to paper-mache, face paint to cocktails, street-art to Van Gogh – whatever you’re into, Art Soc is the place for you. Come along!

We meet every Tuesday – Room 4CD – 6-8:00pm of the student union.

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