Airsoft Society

Airsoft Society

Airsoft is a combat simulation sport similar to paintball but without the ridiculous cost or bruises. Much like paintball, Airsoft uses replica firearms that are basically sport grade bb guns. These are made to full scale and real weight for competitive and simulation use for military personnel to train and civilians to participate in Airsoft with. The equipment offers realistic appearance & operation to the real weapons and superior range and accuracy over a paintball gun as well as ammunition costing a hundred times less. While paintball guns are infamous for causing bruises Airsoft rounds hold a thirteenth of the kinetic energy meaning a thirteenth of the pain!

Airsoft events take place on a huge variety of different sites, local to us is Dragon Valley site which is situated on the active military base MOD Caerwent, near Newport we also visit sites as far as Gloucester and Southampton. All the kit you need, such as weapons, tactical wear, safety equipment etc. will be provided by the society so don't worry about having to spend a load of money on gear just yet! We have started to expand to more and more sites around the UK and run the annual society trip to the National Airsoft Event, a 3 day airsoft festival with almost 2000 players on site each year! We have a 1st and 2nd inter-university team that play the 25 other Airsoft societies around the UK.We were 2015/16 winnders of the University Airsoft Championship and came 2nd in the 2016/17 event. The society has the competitive side to it should you wish to join the team but caters for casual players too.

If Airsoft sounds like something you'd be interested in, then don't hesitate to click the membership button below, drop one of our committee an email, or follow the Facebook link and get in touch that way. Once signed up please click the "Join Facebook Group" button to the left to get onto our private group where we share all of our events and socials


See you on the field!

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  • Airsoft Society Standard Membership£30.00
  • Alumni Membership£25.00
  • Abbey Predator Ultra Gas 700ml£6.50
  • Abbey Maintenance Gas 270ml£3.50
  • Sponsored Promo T Shirt - Replacement/Additional£10.00
  • Non-Bio Ammo Bottle .25£6.00
  • Non-Bio Ammo Bottle Refill .25£5.00
  • Non-Bio Ammo Bottle .3£11.00
  • Non-Bio Ammo Bottle Refill .3£10.00
  • PTS EPM£16.80
  • AI500 Pyro - Wirepull Burst Smoke£2.28
  • Buffer Tube/Stock£10.00
  • Sling Mount£3.00
  • CUAS Sales Pay In£5.00
  • FMA June 3rd General Ticket£20.00
  • Iwholesales Order May 2 - USW£9.36
  • Revision Goggles US Tax£4.07
  • Sale pay in 2£29.63