Ahlul Bayt Society

In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful

“And hold together to the rope of Allah and do not disunite”
The Qur’an 3:103

AhlulBayt Islamic Societies have been set up throughout universities with the vision of propagating the true message and light of Islam, the Holy Qur’an, the Prophet of Islam, and his progeny.

Islam means submission to the will of God, The Independent, Absolute Being who is the Creator of all things. This profound belief stems from the Intellect with which God has endowed humankind with, in order that they may recognise Him.

Islam strives to perfect man’s moral conduct through following the Divine Laws as set out in the Holy Qur’an, the Book of God given to humanity in order to guide humankind.

“I was only sent to perfect good moral character”
Holy Prophet

Unfortunately, the World we live in today is full of oppression and moral decline everywhere we turn. We must aim to unite to bring about justice and prosperity for mankind wherever it may be, regardless of one’s social status, ethnic or religious background, for mankind are brothers, if not in faith, but in humanity.

“Man is either your brother in religion or your brother in humanity”
Imam Ali – successor to the Holy Prophet

In light of this, the AhlulBayt Islamic Societies strive to use university platforms to create dialogue and exchange of ideas freely and objectively. They aim is to provide its members and the wider community with a framework for understanding Islam and its philosophy which encompasses every aspect of our lives from sociology, politics and economics, to ecology, psychology and spirituality.

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