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Act One

Act One is Cardiff’s biggest drama society. Last year we put on eight productions, which included a range of genres, and also held our annual night of original writing, Staging a Coup! So far this year we have three productions (with more to follow!) which will be performed between December and May. Auditions will be held for our first four productions in October, with later auditions for our further productions in November. If you enjoy acting, dancing, singing, socialising, or are interested in helping backstage with costumes, make-up, set design, publicity, stage management, sound or lighting, then we are the society for you!

Previously winner of 'Best Large Society' for three years running, we have a reputation for our friendly, inviting atmosphere, impressive productions, imaginative socials - including our annual trip abroad - and the Act One Ball! We also run smaller-scale productions, workshops and open mic nights, so if you're a fresher and want to direct, or you don’t get cast in a main production, there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved!

We are excited to announce that this year’s productions are:


Alice is just a young innocent fresher at Cardiff University, but when her older sister Margaret comes to visit, Alice is nowhere to be seen...

Has she fallen down the wrong rabbit hole? Has she had one too many cups of tea? It’s up to Margaret and all of Alice’s MAD university pals to scour Cardiff on the lookout for our runaway fresher...come and join the search! But be careful who you trust...

Written and Directed by Kimberley Taylor and Sally Mogridge, Production Manager Erin Cluskey.

'Antony and Cleopatra'

This play is one of Shakespeare's most harrowing, yet unexplored tragedies, questioning the vulnerability of our own moral compasses when in the face of conflict. Despite the play being named after the lovers, Antony and Cloepatra is not a love story in the conventional sense. Here, love is not the pure and immovable force we often see it as, but is continually re-contextualised when faced with honour, politics and above all, survival. Here is a play that follows the destructive path of following passion over reason, resulting in fatal consequences.

Directed by Sophie Callery, Production Manager Dasiy Leach

'A Cabinet Dance'

A new and exciting original musical, premiering with Act One, 'Cabinet Dance' follows the twisted lives and tribulations of two political titans. The story chronicles the confrontation between Prime Minister and President, with a vibrant score set to the backdrop of war and conflict. 
Written and Directed by Jake Dufton and Bethany Potter, Production Manager Angus Lapslie

'Act One Backwards'

Act One proudly presents 'Act One Backwards', a miscast night of musical theatre and dramatic performances. Expect a night full of your favourite songs from the stage and dramatic pieces performed as you've never seen them before. Featuring performances from Cardiff University Acapella society! This variety nigth concert will be raising money for Melanoma Focus, a charity which raises money for melanoma research and provides support for patients and their families. The concert will be held in loving memroy of Rebecca's father, Ian Miles, who sadly lost his life to melanoma last year.

Directed by Rebecca Miles, Musically Directed by Angus Odling

'One Man, Two Guvnors'

One Man, Two Guvnors by Richard Bean, is a delightfully hilarious comedy revolving around a handful of gangsters in 1960s Brighton and one bumbling right-hand-man called Francis Henshall, that causes them a heap of trouble. Francis, having recently been fired from a skiffle band, becomes employed by Rachel Crabbe who is disguised as her ruthless brother Roscoe, believed to have been killed two days before by a gangster lying low. Francis also finds himself employed by another guvnor, Stanley Stubbers, who came to Brighton in secret and happens to be in a relationship with Rachel. With neither Rachel nor Stanley aware that the other has come to Brighton, and Francis believing that he is now the minder of two dangerous and hateful gangsters out for each other's heads, Francis must spend the longest day of his life attempting to keep the two of them apart. He must serve the two of them personally which leads to some side-splitting misunderstandings and hilarious misdeeds that could make Francis' first day on the job also his last.

Directed by Laura Martin and Peter Sadler, Production Manager Jemima Kelleher
'Oedipus Rex'
Oedipus is a new telling of Sophocles' original play from 4th century Classical Athens, telling of the legendary King's downfall. With a contemporary stylised setting, the tragedy looks at themes of fate, prophecy, truth, suffering, and the consequences of rash actions. Over its course we slowly uncover bit by bit the events leading up to the climax, a sequence instigated by Oedipus' own actions and with tragic consequences.
Directed by Rosie Paul, Production Manager Lucy Horner
'A Small Family Business'
This play was written by Alan Ayckborn in 1988. Set in the 80s, it is a notable farce of the era, contrasting comedy with morality. The show begins with a gathering, celebrating Jack McCracken taking over as the new head of a family furniture business. Jack has the belief that this is his chance to initiate a new age of honesty, integrity and ultimately teamwork between his relatives. However, he quickly learns that everyone esle involved in the enterprise has a string of secrets, meaning his end goal is pushed further away. Think lust, affairs, denial, and even fatal tragedy...
Directed by Emma Lewis, Production Manager Byron Jones




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