Act One

Act One

Act One is Cardiff’s biggest drama society. Last year we put on eight productions, which included a range of genres, and also held our annual night of original writing, Staging a Coup! So far this year we have four productions (with more to follow!) which will be performed between December and May. Auditions will be held for our first four productions in October, with later auditions for our further productions in November. If you enjoy acting, dancing, singing, socialising, or are interested in helping backstage with costumes, make-up, set design, publicity, stage management, sound or lighting, then we are the society for you!

Previously winner of 'Best Large Society' for three years running, we have a reputation for our friendly, inviting atmosphere, impressive productions, imaginative socials - including our annual trip abroad - and the Act One Ball! We also run smaller-scale productions, workshops and open mic nights, so if you're a fresher and want to direct, or you don’t get cast in a main production, there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved!

Want to get in touch?

If you are interested in joining Act One or have any questions please contact a member of the committee through Facebook, or send a message to our Facebook page:

N.B. If you are not a Cardiff University student and wish to purchase a ticket for one of our productions you can do so by creating a 'temporary account'.


Get Involved!

We have four performances coming up in the first semester for you to get involved with including an original pantomime, a variety night, a tragicomedy and a musical! With something for everyone why not come along to our auditions and/or crew sign-ups! Also, keep your eye's peeled for our second round of productions being auditioned in November!



Written and Directed by: Beth Hall and Aditi Mohan

Produced by: Owen Strawbridge

Once upon a time, in the magical, mystical world of fairy-tales and princesses, and apparently millions of Prince Charmings, there lies secrets and scandal, and everything is not as it seems. Join our unexpected heroes as they fight, sing and dance their way through a land of glass slippers, ugly sisters and fairy godmothers in an attempt to unearth the shocking truth!


Variety Night

Director: Sarah Whitelaw

Musical Director: Jake Dufton

Production Manager: Grace Knowles

Variety Night returns for its second year with the theme Divas! A glamour filled night that will combine classic hits and showstopping musical numbers with dramatic performances. The night will raise money for Same You, a charity which aims to increase access to neurorehabilitation for stroke and brain injury survivors, and the society.



Directed by Zachary Peake

Produced by Caitlin Burns

It’s Christmas in the institution, the patients are quiet, and everything is under control. At least, it seems that way until two mysterious and brutal events throw ‘the hothouse’ into turmoil. Roote, the institution’s authoritarian Director, must unearth the culprits or risk losing control of the institution completely. Yet, as he asks more questions, his inadequacies are revealed with hilarious and eventually deadly consequences. This entertaining and disturbing black comedy exposes in great detail the many failings of bureaucrats.


Into the Woods

Directed by Laura Martin

Musically Directed by Owen McCarthy

Produced by Angus Lapslie

Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s is a Brothers Grimm Fairy-tale inspired musical where “Be careful what you wish for” seems to be the ongoing theme. The story follows The Baker and his wife who wish to have a child, Cinderella who wishes to go to the King’s Festival, and Jack who wishes his cow would give some milk. When the Baker and his wife are visited by the neighbourhood witch, who reveals to them that she placed a curse on their family, the two set off on a journey into the woods to reverse the curse. Also in the woods, we meet Little Red who is trying to visit her grandmother, the Wolf who loves tasty little girls, the Witch’s daughter Rapunzel, and Princes chasing after their loves. By the end of Act I, everyone has gotten their wish and will seemingly live happily ever after. But in Act II, when Jack’s beanstalk brings them a visit from an angry Giant, we see how the consequences of their actions haunt them in disastrous ways. The community must come together to save each other and their kingdom, but sacrifices must be made.



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  • Act One Standard Membership£15.00
CAMEO (Second Round)
30th October
Fourth floor of the Student's Union- Room 4 A/B


  • CAMEO (Second Round) Wed 30 Oct 2019 - Give it a Go£0.00
  • CAMEO (Second Round) Wed 30 Oct 2019 - Members£4.00