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We are the award-winning Cardiff University A Cappella Society!

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Our society is home to 4 different groups!!!

We are overjoyed to announce that we have revived our non-competitive group; Interchorus! This lovely bunch of people rehearse once a week on a Monday, with some occasional extra rehearsals. Anyone is welcome to join interchorus- the more the merrier! 

The other groups that make up our society are all competitive; The Acappellads, The DeciBelles, and CU Vox (they ran out of pun ideas- the rest were taken!)

Each of these groups rehearse twice a week- once on a Sunday and one other weekday evening- this is tbc, depending on the group and its members' availability. These groups are auditioning- feel free to message us to get up-to-date with the audition process, which usually happens around freshers and refreshers every year!

Follow us on our various media platforms to stay up-to-date with our groups!

Before you ask- yes, we are a bit like real-life Pitch Perfect! We’re a super friendly and social bunch, always down for a boogie, and love to sing 😊

We have a jam-packed Calendar coming up over the next year (or should we say aca- lendar…) The CUAC Society’s year is full of: competitions, showcases, performances, socials as a society, socials in our groups, socials with other societies and much more in store- we couldn’t possibly list it all- you’ll have to come along to our GIAG, auditions or follow us to find out what’s on the agenda ;) 

Last year, we celebrated 10 years of Cardiff Uni’s A Cappella Society, and we can’t wait for you to join us for yet another year of aca chaos & fun (mostly fun!!!)!




MONDAY 5th FEBRUARY, 7-9, 3A, Student's Union: CARDIFF UNIVERSITY A CAPPELLA SOCIETY'S GIVE IT A GO. As many of our members as possible will be there, come along for a fun evening of all things A Cappella! Can't wait to see you all there :)

SUNDAY 11th FEBRUARY, Exeter Northcott Theatre, evening show: ICCA quarterfinals- come and support our three competitive groups in the International Chamionship of Collegiate A Cappella, and watch an evening full of A Cappella performances. Tickets can be bought via the link below, or finding the event on the Varsity Vocals Website!




Meet the groups…


Interchorus* is CUAC’s non-competitive, any gender A Cappella group! The group has laid dormant for the past couple of years, but with the interest the society has received this year, Interchorus is back and better than ever! This group has one rehearsal a week, so is an easier commitment for all you busy-bodies! Plus, after rehearsals they plan on running a weekly social- whether it be the pub or karaoke! Interchorus have done their first performance at our winter showcase, and will continue to perform throughout the year at various showcases and events, alongside our competitive groups! This semester, they will rehearse Mondays 7-9 in room 3A of the SU! Please do come along to rehearsalsWe can then make sure you are added to the whatsapp chat so you can become a member of the aca fam! We are so excited the group has been restored the group to its former glory by it's wonderful committee and can’t wait to see what they get up to soon!

*NB: interchorus have a new logo- see their instagram- we haven't got round to changing it on here just yet!

  The Acappellads:

The Acappellads is Cardiff Uni’s competitive group for male-presenting performers. Inclusive of all voice types, from basses and beatboxers to the highest tenors, the group combines high singing standards and choreography with a fun social calendar.

The 'Lads' compete annually in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella; the ICCAs, along with all UK A Cappella groups. Last year they reached the UK semifinals of the ICCAs, and they are currently producing an EP of their repertoire from the past two years! On top of these outstanding achievements, the most recent CUAC showcases have seen many a showstopping performance by the lads, featuring music from the likes of: Bastille, The Wombats, Coldplay and Amber Run to name a few. They really are a great group to be a part of and, of course, listen to! They are proud to say they have been “redefining lad culture since 2013”, as well as repping the best group colour! Keep an eye on our socials for their upcoming EP release! The Lads are looking for any low voices, and any arrangements. There are lots of opportunities for anyone looking to be a musical director in this group and the lads are so excited for another great year ahead!

 The DeciBelles:

The DeciBelles are Cardiff Uni’s female-presenting and non-binary competitive A Cappella group! The ‘Belles’ reached the UK finals of the 2023 ICCAs, and CUAC couldn’t be prouder! They also have an EP, which was released in 2021 (listen to ‘Watch Your Back’ on Spotify!)! They take part in showcases and competitions all over the UK, where they perform some iconic arrangements, including songs by: Little Mix, Orla Gartland, Lizzy McAlpine and Aurora to name a few!

This lovely bunch are keen to gain a beatboxer; anyone who is experienced or who is willing to get stuck in and give Vocal Percussion a try! The Belles are also seeking new singers to join their fabulously talented and supportive family, and can’t wait to have a blast at upcoming competitions, showcases and socials over the next year.


CU Vox are Cardiff Uni’s mixed-voice, any gender, competitive A Cappella group. Following a year of ‘resting & relaxation’ (while still having lots of fun of course), they CAN’T WAIT to be back and competing again!!!

Vox is looking for low voices (bass, bari, tenor etc), and will also be taking on a couple of altos and sopranos. Anyone who can beatbox or would like to have a go at vocal percussion (aka VP) is ALWAYS welcome! Vox are competing in the ICCAs (the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, as seen in Pitch Perfect), OAC (the Open A Cappella Competition), performing at venues around the country, as well as at our very own showcases. They rehearse twice a week and occasionally will have an extra, slightly longer ‘bootcamp’ type rehearsal, usually in preparation for an upcoming performance! Vox has experience competing and performing UK-wide. They released an EP in January of 2023 (listen to Summit on Spotify!), reached the UK finals of the ICCAs in 2022, and have been featured on Netflix’s Sex Education!

Vox are so excited for this year and really hope you join our amazing society!!!


Something to bear in mind:

Our competitve groups are a much higher commitment than our non-competitve groups, but are so much fun to be a part of (not that I'm biased or anything)!! In my experience all the auditioning, rehearsals, time spent travelling and competing and all the opportunities we have can seem daunting to begin with, but are so worth it. I truly think that taking part in our society, and being a member of a non-competitive and/or competive a Cappella group will help make your time at uni as enjoyable as possible, and the best it can be! P.S. not only is it a load of fun, but is something that will look great on your CV!



Memberships for competitive groups (Belles, Lads and Vox) cost £10!

Membership for our non-competitive group (Interchorus) is £5!


We're a group of people who love to perform and have fun, and if you're interested in getting involved with A Cappella Society without the singing, we always welcome guest arrangers and host many an event so you can come along and see what we get up to! 

Follow us on our socials to keep up with everything Aca-related, and feel free to send us a message if you are unsure on how to get involved! See you soon!


Aca Love xxx


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A Cappella Society Spring Showcase
16th March
Y Plas, SU
A Cappella Society's annual Spring Showcase at Y Plas!