A Cappella Society

A Cappella Society

Hi, and welcome to our little home on the student union website! We're Cardiff University's A Cappella society, a bunch of friendly students that are committed to making music with our mouths! Starting as just an all male group, we've grown massively in the last five years to consistently reach our gold tier status as a medium society and we now have five groups, all varying in style but none lacking in talent!

The Acappellads: 

The Acappellads are our all male group, known for their iconic orange t shirts. With vocals ranging from falcetto to bass, these boys can cover a vast array of music, all the way from No Diggity by Blackstreet to Anthem from Chess!


Acatude is our newest group, formed organically by members of interChorus. With only twelve member they are also the smallest group of the society but are non-competitive, so focus on showcasing talent away from a competitive environment. Known for their powerful mashups and rockin' it out in red, they made their debut at the Winter showcase 2017 by combining All Star and I Want You Back!

The DeciBelles:

Known for being sass queens in green, the DeciBelles are our all female group! With an extensive repitoire ranging from Ariana Grande to MILCK, featuring some of the highest and lowest female voices in the whole society, it's not a surprise that these ladies have reached the semi-finals of both Voice Festival UK and the UK ICCAs!


interChorus is our large mixed group, featuring ranges from soprano to bass. Non-competitive and uncapped, these guys sing purely for fun! Featuring section leaders to teach the vocal parts to other members, interChorus have been able to perform difficult arrangements of pop hits to an impressive standard, including medleys of Michael Jackson and Clean Bandit hits!


Vox is our competitive mixed group, and like DeciBelles, they have also reached the UK semi-finals of the ICCAs! Their balance of male and female voices has lead to some outstanding arrangements that were hits at our awards ceremony in 2018, including Who Wants To Live Forever and Rolling In the Deep!


Whether you want to be part of one of our groups, be in charge of merchandising and advertising, be a sound technician or run the show backstage - we need you!

We are always looking for people who wish to join the team and help run the extra parts of our society!! There are loads of people who are willing to sing and if you are interested in arranging music, working with us to improve our general sound or just want to work with a group of talented individuals, then we would love for you to get in contact with us at acappellasociety@cardiff.ac.uk.


Check out our Youtube channel for performances from previous showcases to see our groups in action.

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