Haematology Society

The Haematology Society has launched in 2021 to educate students about Haematology and all its aspects including: research, career-oppurtunities, Haematological disorders, and blood and stem cell donation. We aim to benefit the Cardiff University student population by:


  • Working with experts in clinical haematology in order to educate medical students regarding the aetiology, pathophysiology, and management of Haematological disease
  • Working with research experts in the field in order to inspire students to get involved with research opportunities in the field and gain essential undergraduate research experience

  • Working with our affiliates in order to arrange opportunities for members to gain clinical experience in the field of Haematology

  • Working with charities and organizations in the field to allow students to become involved in fundraising and awareness campaigns which will benefit our local community

  • Working with organizations to increase our student population’s awareness regarding the process of blood and stem cell donation and the impact they have on patients  

  • Working with international experts in the field to improve students' knowledge regarding the impact and significance of Haematology and blood disorders worldwide

  • Working with experts in the field to provide students with information regarding what a career in Haematology entails

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