Out In Sport

At Cardiff University everyone is welcome. All students should be able to play sport regardless of sexuality, gender identity or ability.

Sport is a huge part of University life for a great number of students all over the UK. It provides extra-curricular activity as a break from studies; not only having health and fitness benefits but also providing a great opportunity to meet and make friends. However, many LGBT students feel excluded or uncomfortable participating in sport because of factors including the culture, structure and physical environment in which sport takes place.

After in-depth reports from NUS UK and Sport Wales, Cardiff and Swansea Student Unions launched the ‘Out In Sport’ campaign alongside the Welsh Varsity tournament in 2013. The campaign aimed to help break down some of the barriers that LGBT+ students face when it comes to participating in sport. Out in Sport encourages a sporting environment that welcomes all students regardless of sexual preference or orientation, and aims to dispel negative perceptions held by LGBT+ students.

In 2015, the Athletic Union began supporting Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign by encouraging students competing in the Welsh Varsity tournament to wear rainbow laces. The teams showed great support for the campaign both on the field and on social media.