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The Board comprises 15 members and meets at least four times a year to carry out its business. Trustees are elected (or selected) via the criteria established within the Union’s Articles of Association to ensure both student leadership and the recruitment of professional expertise.

Want to be involved in how the Students’ Union is run? Apply to be a Student Trustee!

Being a trustee is a valuable and rewarding experience. You’ll get to make a lasting difference and influence how the Students’ Union is run. It’s also an excellent opportunity to develop your skills; you‘ll gain board-level experience in decision making, teamwork, communication and planning; you’ll learn about management of finances, people and strategy - all of which will look great on your CV.

We are looking for at least two students to join our Board of Trustees from July 2019. The Trustees are ultimately responsible, individually and collectively, for all activity within the Union. It's an excellent opportunity, so find out more by downloading the Trustee Application Pack | Pecyn Recriwtio Ymddiriedolwyr Myfyrwyr.

The closing date for completed applications is 12.00 on Friday 3 May 2019.

Sabbatical Trustees (x7)

The Sabbatical Trustees are the 7 annually elected sabbatical officers who act as the Union’s primary student representatives and who take on specific portfolios of responsibility. Sabbatical officers are paid employees who take a year out of their studies, or carry out the role after completion of their final year, to undertake the role. The Union President is a Sabbatical Trustee and oversees the work of the other sabbatical officers. The Union President is the ex officio Chair of the Board.

Students' Union President

Fadhila A. Al Dhahouri

029 2078 1425

Vice President Education

Jackie Yip

029 2078 1428

Vice President Welfare And Campaigns

Amr Alwishah

029 2078 1422

Vice President Sports & Athletic Union President

Georgie Haynes

029 2078 1438

Vice President Societies and Volunteering

Henri Page

029 2078 1427

Vice President Heath Park

Jennifer Kent

029 2078 1420

Vice President Postgraduate Students

Jake Smith

029 2078 1408

Student Trustees (x3)

The Student Trustees are studying students who undertake the vole on a voluntary basis whilst completing their studies and can serve for up to two years. Students are invited to apply to be Student Trustees as and when vacancies arise and are nominated based on their knowledge, skills and experience.

Student Trustee

Niall Yasseen

Student Trustee

Megan Perkins

Student Trustee

Lewis Rigley

University Nominated Trustees (x2)

The University Nominated Trustees are nominated by the University Council, with at least one of them being a serving member of the University Council. The University Nominated Trustees bring professional skills to the Board as well as an excellent understanding of Cardiff University. University Nominated Trustees undertake the vole on a voluntary basis for four years and can serve a maximum of four terms.

We are currently in the process of recruiting two University nominated trustees

University Nominated Trustee

Ray Singh

University Nominated Trustee

Under recruitment

External Trustees (x3)

The External Trustees are nominated by the Board based on their professional knowledge, skills and experience they can bring to the Board. External Trustees undertake the role on a voluntary basis and often take on additional responsibilities within the sub-committees of the Board. External Trustees serve four year terms and can serve for up to four terms.

We are currently in the process of recruiting one external trustee.

External Trustee

Dick Roberts

External Trustee

Bethan Walsh

External Trustee

Denise Rich