Olivia Evans
VP Sports and AU President
IL Chwaraeon a Llywydd Yr UA
Shwmae! My name is Liv and I am excited to be your new VP Sports and Athletic Union President! Sports have always been a big part of my life. I have participated in many different ones from a young age including swimming, athletics and netball, finally settling on hockey which I have played at county and club level and then taking it onto university level for the last three years. Not only have I played a lot of different sports, but I am also an avid follower of them as well. I am a lifelong Welsh Rugby Fan and perhaps the biggest labour of love, an Everton fan.

I came to Cardiff in 2019, immediately trying out for both netball and hockey but deciding on hockey in the end. Thanks to my involvement with the hockey club, my three years at university have been the best 3 years of my life!! I have my interaction with sports at university to thank, not only for some of my best experiences, but some of my closest friends.

I have a lot of experience with the Athletic Union, starting last year when I became President of CULHC. Through being President of hockey, I gained an insight into the work that the AU does to help our clubs develop and grow. This position of responsibility helped shape not only my leadership skills and teamwork but my manifesto points and therefore my aims for this year. I hope that I can continue with the great work that Meg has done over the previous year and keep the Varsity feeling going that Meg worked so hard to implement.

My aims for the year:
  • To make sport as asccessible to everyone as possible.
  • Make sure that all committee members feel prepared and ready for the year ahead.
  • To make our first home Varsity in 5 years amazing!

What I'm Working On?