Rebecca Hardy Mental Health Officer

Rebecca Hardy
Mental Health Officer

My name is Rebecca, and I am your Mental Health Officer this year. I am an MA Music student and have been involved in the Students’ Union since my first year of my undergrad. I have always had a keen interest in improving mental health and have spent many years reading self-help books, meditating, and working with the university to monitor and improve the support services here in Cardiff.


I have been your Mental Health Officer for one year already, so I have begun to create good relationships and rapport with some of the support services offered such as Counselling and Well-being, Student Advice, and taken part in the Student Mental Health group.


My Priorities for this year:


  • Collect and report feedback about the new extenuating circumstances policy.
  • Offer Mental Health events and talks to help bring students together.
  • Boost the involvement in student-led services.
  • Improve the wait time for Counselling sessions.


I am really looking forward to continuing my role as Mental Health Officer and seeing what we can do as a student body to improve and support mental health at Cardiff University.

What I'm Working On?