Matilda Durant LGBTQ+ Officer

Matilda Durant
LGBTQ+ Officer
Hi / Shwmae everyone,

I’m Matilda (she/her) and I’m your new LGBTQ+ officer for 2023/24. I was involved with the LGBTQ+ association last year, helping to plan a Queer Prom. I can’t wait to get started this year and meet you all!

I believe that a few changes could create a better environment for all LGBTQ+ people in Cardiff University.

My priorities this year are:

1 - Events Create a queer club night at the Students Union. Although the Students Union is intended for all students, many LGBTQ+ students feel a lack of representation in SU nights out. I’d create a brand new club night, separate from Yolo and Juice, aimed at LGBTQ+ students.

2 - Welfare Improve access to welfare services. Many LGBTQ+ students face challenges with their mental health and well-being. I’d improve access to counselling and drop in services for all students. I’d also run a series of well-being initiatives, such as craft afternoons and walks, including specific sessions for LGBTQ+ students.

3- Education Improve representation of LGBTQ+ issues and voices in the curriculum. Queer people face different challenges, and have different health outcomes to cishet people. I’d push for more LGBTQ+ education in healthcare courses to account for this. I’d also push for better representation of historical queer figures in humanities courses.

I study French and Italian so you can usually find me in MLang or at a french society social. Any questions, I’d love to chat! Find me @lgbtqplusofficerscsu

Let’s push the gay agenda,


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