Nathan Mintz International Students' Officer

Nathan Mintz
International Students' Officer
Hi! My name is Nathan, and I am your International Students’ Officer. I am from the United States, and I am currently going into my second year of studying Politics. In my first year, I was involved in the Student Union serving as both an academic rep and as a student senator.

The issues of international students are exceptionally complex and often unique. As an international student, I have experienced my share of issues and I am dedicated to working with the international student community to give support and to represent their interests and issues to the Students Union.

As your International Students’ Officer, I hope to improve the support offered to international students, continue hosting more cultural events, and act as a line of support for any international student that is struggling.

I am exceptionally excited to start work as your International Students’ Officer and if there is anything I can help with, feel free to get in contact.

What I'm Working On?