Cardiff University Students' Union - Venue Restoration Levy

What is a venue restoration levy?
The levy is an amount, in this case £1 for live music and 75p for DJ events, charged per ticket to contribute to the ongoing refurbishment and improvement of the Students’ Union venues. This assists in improving the overall experience for the audience and artists.

Why is it being introduced?
The Students’ Union has been at the forefront of live music and performance in Cardiff for over 40 years. It is vital that the venue and its equipment be brought up to a standard expected for a modern touring show and that the services provided for our customers are first class. This represents the need for significant investment in a number of areas.

What will it be used for?
In order to continue offering a top quality live music provision, several areas have been identified where our facilities are in need of improvement or refurbishment. These works will have a long lasting benefit for customers and touring acts. We are looking to phase these improvements over a period of time to ensure the most crucial areas are covered in a timely manner. These are split in to short and long term goals.

Phase 1:

  • [COMPLETED 2020] Concert staging to be replaced/ refurbished. This is essential to shows continuing to take place at the venue.
  • Install a new glass balustrade on the Great Hall balcony to improve accessible viewing and result in greater capacity and level access for wheelchairs.
  • [COMPLETED 2019] Create a multi-functional foyer/ bar and event area for the Great Hall outside of the main venue itself. Customers can enjoy easier access pre & post show, as well as better merch & bar provision. See photos below.

Phase 2:

  • Invest in more eco-friendly modern lighting fixtures.
  • Pit barrier refurbishment and replacement. Ensuring the safety of our customers is important to us.
  • Overall Venue refurbishment. Including expanded bar provision to improve speed of service for customers and developing the venue to potentially allow for capacity increase.

We would also love to hear any feedback you may have on how we can improve our venues for you and other customers. Our ultimate goal is to be one of the best live music venues in the country, so we really value all input. If you do wish to send feedback or ideas, please send them to