FAQ 4: Where to eat Latin food in Cardiff

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Where may I find Latin ingredients in Cardiff?


City Road is probably the best street to find what are you looking for. We may assure you that you could find a plenty variety of vegetables and fruit, such as:

  • Yuca/cassava
  • Green plantain
  • Ripe plantain/plátano maduro
  • Ñampi
  • Camote/sweet potato (just the yellow one, unfortunately we haven’t seen any white one)
  • Ayote-calabaza/pumpkin
  • Cilantro/Coriander
  • In Tesco Metro or the Big Tesco outside of Cardiff Centre you will be able to find corn tortillas from El Paso and Wahaca for approximately £1. You will also be able to find black beans in cans or uncooked on bags. You may also find refried beans from El Paso (they are quite similar from the ones in Mexico), nachos kit, flour tortillas, etc. They also sell coriander, sour cream (natilla or crema ácida) and green limes (o limones, para cuando quieras hacer ceviche). Plus, you may be able to find jalapeños and Tabasco sauce if you’re looking for some spiciness.
  • If you go the Market, you may find plenty of different fruits and vegetables as well, but we will recommend to you to take a look on a stall that sells different condiments and spices. You will be able to find hibiscus flower, a big variety of dried chillies (ancho, chipotle, de árbol, etc) and other condiments that are needed for your meal. Make sure you take a look around it!
  • Also, we would recommend to buy any meat or fish on The Market as well, quality and pricewise we believe it would be a better option for you, plus a larger variety compared to any other store.
  • Unfortunately, we haven’t found any place that sells any fresh cheese (cotija, Oaxaca, fresco… we miss them a lot) but you may go to Wally’s Delicatessen, Madame Fromage or Cheese Pantry to find a new flavour or a replacement.
  • Wally’s Delicatessen at the Arcades could be another good option to find a plenty variety of international food. You will be able to find a similar option for white-peruano-bayo beans, they are Italian but the taste is quite alike. Also, there would be cheese, meat, sweets, etc. Make sure to make a visit there!
  • If you’re craving for some Colombian bites, make sure to visit the Cardiff Food Centre on the way to the Bay. You’ll find Pan flour, papaya (the big and nice ones), juices, pastries and more! And yes… you’ll be able to find Aguardiente (go to the question below to see where else may you find Latin alcohol).
  • At Las Iguanas, you may find Pan flour too.
  • If you will like to order online:
    • Colombian products: https://www.labodeguita.co.uk/
    • Mexican products: http://www.mexmarket.co.uk/ In Cardiff every two months we ask if anyone would like to order something from the website (specially fresh corn tortillas) so we may make one order of more than £35, hence we don’t pay delivery fees. Just ask any Mexican to give you further information about this.


Where may I find Latin alcohol in Cardiff?


  • Rum, cachaça, tequila, pisco, fernet and Argentinian and Chilean wine may be found around some shops in Cardiff (any Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Spar). However, we recommend you to take a look in Wally’s Delicatessen and The Bottle Shop for more variety. Also, you may be able to find some bottled beers, such as Cusqueña, Modelo, Pacífico, Quilmes and maybe a craft beer from your country.
  • Aguardiente may be found in the Cardiff Food Centre. Also, Kapu is now selling Aguardiente shots at the Tuesday’s Latin night.
  • Definitely, Amazon or eBay would be the easiest way of buying what are you exactly looking for.


Are there any traditional Latin food places in Cardiff?


Unexpectedly, Cardiff has become an international welcoming house for different types of cuisine, including the Latin food. Although it may not be exactly as your favourite restaurant in Latin America, at least it will ease your craving Latin anxieties for a while. So far, these are the options that we know they will delight you:

  • Canaima Coffee: arepas, empanadas, yuca, etc. Real Venezuelan food!
  • The Queen Pepiada: Venezuelan food truck, king of the Reina Pepiada in Cardiff! Don’t miss its amazing Wasacaca sauce. Make sure you follow it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to know where you can find it, as it will be around Cardiff at the Food Festivals or events.
  • Wahaca: So far, our favourite Mexican restaurant. Try the cochinita pibil tacos.
  • Las Iguanas: a variety of Latin American dishes. We believe its Peruvian ceviche nibble is very decent.
  • Vivo Latino: a variety of Latin American dishes. Their cocktails are very tasty.
  • Tortilla: our favourite burrito spot in Cardiff (even though that burritos are not Mexicans).
  • Viva Brazil: at least once in your stay you should try this place. It is the most alike to a “churrasquería”. It includes 14 different meat cuts and unlimited salad bar. We recommend you go before 5 pm from Monday to Friday, thus it will be way cheaper than going for dinner.
  • Revolucion de Cuba, BarBurrito, Speedy Amigos… some other options for Latin foo



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