FAQ 2: Phone bill, GP and more queries for when you first arrive to Cardiff

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Which phone company should I get?

Most of the phone companies in Cardiff are similar, it all depends on the amount of data and minutes you need. Most providers have promotions at the beginning of the school year and it is very worthwhile to hire one of those packages.

The most popular are:

  • Three
  • EE
  • O2
  • Vodafone

We share a link of WalesOnline where they make a comparison of the four phone companies mentioned above. Although the results are 2016, you can serve as a guide to know what factors to consider. LINK


How may I find a doctor in Cardiff?

Once you arrive in Cardiff it is important to register at the GP (General Practitioner) as soon as possible, as you need to wait from 5 days up to two weeks after registering to be able to have an appointment.

The GP in which you have to register depends on the area where you live, below is the link Where you can find it and also a link with more information from Cardiff Uni.

To register you are given a form to fill out and usually ask for proof of address.

Find a local GP surgery



Which UK bank do you recommend for me to apply on?

Like the phone lines, choosing the best bank depends on what you need and you're looking for. Cardiff Uni gives you a sheet by compared all the banks and specifying that each one offers. It also gives you letters that you deliver directly to the bank to open a student account.

You do not necessarily have to open a student account, however, the advantage is that this type of accounts do not charge you commission. In this link there's more info on behalf of Cardiff Uni about student accounts.

Our advice is that you take the time to decide what you need, review several options and always read the fees charged for withdrawing money in other countries, transfers and additional commissions in case there is no money in the account.

Also, it is important to be clear what you have to do once you finish the studies, as there are banks that charge in case there is no account management and you have to make sure you have cancelled the card.

Here you can download the letters from the banks and explain what documents you need to take.


Where can I get/drop used stuff?

If you are in Cardiff for a short period of time, you might be interested in getting used things. There are many places where you can find them like charity shops or the Student's Union Bric-a-Brac event. Also, you could find some things online in Gumtree, asking in our FB's page or in the Cardiff Erasmus Accommodation Plus FB page. These same options are available for you to give back your things when you leave. 

Also, in Cardiff is very easy to move around using a bicycle.  You can either buy a a brand new one or get a used bike from Gumtree, Go-Cycle FB page, Pedal Power or Cardiff Cycle Workshop. All of their information can be found online. Don't forget to get a lock (Cardiff Uni's security office sell D-locks, which are recommended) and use lights during the night. Helmets are always advisable, but not mandatory in the UK. Also, remember to ride on the left-hand side lane of the road. 


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