Statement: 23rd April 2021

Trigger Warning – This statement discusses the topics of rape and sexual harassment.

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Trigger Warning – This statement discusses the topics of rape and sexual harassment. For help and support, you can click here to see the services available to you.

We're aware of disturbing reports circulating on social media about a "National Rape Day" - this is not something that has originated in Cardiff, but we're aware and understand the real concerns of those reading the posts and the alarm it has caused.

We have been liaising with South Wales Police and Cardiff University and we have no evidence to suggest this is anything other than a hoax at this stage, but we want to encourage anyone who has any information to come forward and report this directly to the Police for further investigation.

Yesterday the University wrote to all students to emphasise that we do not tolerate violence and abuse of any kind - you can read that full statement here.

We understand that seeing these messages are deeply troubling and upsetting to many of our student population. Whether that is a threat of sexual assault or committing violence of any kind, these actions have no place in our student community or wider society, and we would encourage students to report any actions or behaviours that they have been subjected to.

To remind all, we have a zero-tolerance approach to any student found participating in activity that seeks to cause upset or alarm or sharing content that seeks to cause upset to others, this includes talking about, or “joking” about activity in group messages.


If you need support on any of the issues discussed, or would like to report any abuse please do contact one of the many services mentioned in the links provided below:


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