Your guide to settling into University

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Moving to a new place can feel a real mix of excitement and dread. But, remember everyone is in the same boat as you. So what can you do to ease those nerves? Well we have rounded up our top tips to help you settle in.

In your new flat or house

  • Make your room homely. Put up some posters or posters, buy the same washing powder your parents have at home, and play your favourite Spotify playlist.
  • Keep your bedroom door open.  We know there will be times you want a bit of privacy but it makes it easier to get to know your housemates if you door is open and they can pop into eachothers room for cuppa and a chat. 
  • Spend time in your kitchen getting to know your housemates. Forget the icebreakers you used to have to do when you were in school, just keep it casual and natural.
  • Knock on your neighbour’s doors and find out who is living in the flats around you. You never know someone may even be on the same course as you.
  • Buy a board game or a packet of cards, some snacks and invite your neighbours over for an evening.

Visit your Students’ Union

  • Attend our Welcome Events and Freshers’ Fairs and with your housemates. It's great opportunity to discover all the amazing things we have to offer you at your SU *and grab some freebies*
  • Join one of our Societies or Sports Clubs. It is a great way to make even more friends.
  • Grab a coffee at our Starbucks, a bite to eat at The Taf or party the night away at Y Plas, it is a great way to chat to other students.
  • If you are really struggling to settle in and want to chat just visit our Student Advice team who will be more than happy to help.

Make new friends

  • Accept every invitation, whether it is from someone on your course, in your halls or even someone you got chatting to in the SU. It’s a great way to make lots of new friends.
  • Create WhatsApp groups with your flatmates, your neighbours or your course mates. It's a great way to keep in touch and arrange things to do.

Get to know your new city

The more you are out and about the more Cardiff will feel a bit like home.
  • Explore the city with your housemates. Take a walk through Bute Park, visit Riverside Market or explore the cities fabulous shops.
  • Check out some of our Give it a Go tours.
  • Find your favourite coffee spot, visit the library and check out local supermarket.


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