Christmas in Cardiff

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Christmas is one of the most magical times of year, we’re all agreed on that. Christmas in Cardiff however is not just magical, it’s the best place to be, at the best time of year. Whether this is your first Christmas in Cardiff or you’re a seasoned pro here’s some gifts from us to you, to ensure your festive fun.


Students' Union’s seasonal suggestions

If you’re like us, tree up as soon as the heating goes on and ready to celebrate Christmas now! The SU has plenty to offer.

  • The SU is ensuring there’s snow-way you won’t have something to do between Monday the 25th November and Friday 13th December 2019 with our Winter Showcase! An opportunity for you to explore all of our societies and what they have to offer, from winter markets, to talented performances, this is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit!
  • SNOLO 11th December, with a special sprinkle of snow the last YOLO of the year is not one to miss!
  • The Taf Christmas Quiz with Chaser Shaun Wallace Thu 12 December 2019 18:00-01:00 There couldn’t be a more perfect way to practice your Christmas trivia for those Xmas family board games!
  • On the last day of term there’s snow place you’d rather be than the Lashing through the Snow on Friday 13th December 22.00 The count downs on and tickets are £2 right now!

Merry Markets!

Christmas isn’t Christmas without putting on the woolly hat and scarf for an outing to a Christmas market. This year we have three options for you to indulge.

  • Y-Plas is offering a Winter Market Y Plas • Wed 27th November 2019 12:00-16:00, If you’re not wanting to travel far head down to the SU for freshly baked goods and eggnog!
  • If you’re fancying some crafts, a wide range of food and drinks or maybe some last-minute gift shopping! Under the setting of Cardiff’s Christmas lights, from the 14th of November head down the Cardiff Christmas markets in town.
  • Wanting to branch out of Cardiff for the day? We’re offering a trip to the Exeter Christmas Markets on Saturday 7th December 2019 09:00-19:30 £19.00 for a getaway right before the end of term.

Cardiff Crackers!

The city likes to celebrate the season by giving you the opportunity to see some of its most loved destinations with a sprinkle of something special on top!

  • You can’t miss the big wheel as your walking from centre to uni, and we know your itching to know why it’s there. Winter Wonderland is situated outside the museum from now until the 5th of January. A 250m alpine ice trail, and admiral ice rink with tickets for students only £9.00. Also enjoy the fun fair and bars they have to offer and make a night of it!
  • Santa’s Victorian Christmas at Cardiff Castle. Visit the castle and see it transformed into tinsel town! £13.50 for a ticket.


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