AGM 2018 Update

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Our Annual General Meeting took place on Thursday 22nd November. Below you will find a summary of the results of that meeting. For each motion, the 'AGM Resolves' section is included below, along with details of whether the motion passed or fell, and any actions that will take place in the future. Officers are mandated to work on these and will keep students informed on progress.

Read the full agenda pack including motions here

Agenda Items

Minutes from previous meeting approved

The minutes from the previous meeting to ensure that a record of decisions is accurate.

Action: Minutes to be published on the Students' Union website.

Affiliations approved

The Students' Union ratifies its affiliations at every AGM - two affiliations are: Nation Union of Students (NUS), and British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS).

Action: To continue to be affiliated with NUS and BUCS.


Fight for funds: Continue to finance initiatives that tackle sexual assault and violence on students. PASSED

  1. Elective officers to lobby Cardiff University (CU) to agree to enter monthly progress meetings with key stakeholders from CUSU and external bodies to monitor & continually develop this service. This will be a SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Time sensitive) objective.
  2. Elected officers to lobby CU for a timeframe of events. By July 2019 the University will have entered into an agreement for long term investment and produce a 5-year plan on further implementation & funding for this problem.
  3. As students we want elected officers to get CU to agree to a thorough evaluation of the current complaints system and commit to modifying current policies to include an informal complaints system and an allocation of investigating officer within 3 weeks. This would provide the space for restorative mediation.
  4. Elective officers to proactively work with CU to improve provisions for our LGBT+ students presenting to campus services with sexual assault, harassment & domestic violence.
  5. We are mandating the 2018/2019 elective officer team to take a motion to Student Senate and then to NUS national conference or NUS NEC. The motion will aim to present our Universities template on tackling sexual assault and it will ask for the NUS to adopt this template. It will also act as a vessel to obtain further funding and investment in this area.
  6. Elected officers are to continue open dialogue and active lobbying of Welsh Government for them to adopt a similar approach in tackling sexual violence and abuse.

Action: For the sabbatical officers to undertake the actions listed above including more democratic engagement within the union and NUS.

Sweatshop Free Campaign. PASSED

  1. To endorse the call for Cardiff University to subscribe to Electronics Watch.

Action: For the sabbatical officers to lobby the relevant committees to undertake this action.

Full-Time Welsh Language Officer. PASSED

  1. To send a democratic mandate to the CUSU Board of Trustees to amend the Memorandum and Articles of Association as below:
  2. To amend the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Students Union to create capacity for an eight full time role.
  3. Amend point 22.1 of the Memorandum and Articles to: “not more than 8 Sabbatical Trustees, elected in accordance with Article 23;”.
  4. Amend point 22.2 of the Memorandum and Articles to: “not more than 4 Student Trustees, appointed in accordance with Article 24;”
  5. Amend point 23.2 of the Memorandum and Articles to: “Up to 8 Sabbatical Trustees shall be elected in accordance with Article 23.1 to posts specified in the Bye Laws and shall include the President. Each of these Sabbatical Trustees shall hold office as a Sabbatical Trustee until he or she ceases to be a Sabbatical Trustee in accordance with Articles 27 or 28. Except where otherwise indicated, references in these Articles to “Sabbatical Trustees” are to individuals acting solely in their capacity as Sabbatical Trustees.”
  6. If a full-time post is created for a Welsh language officer, that this officer also becomes President of the UMCC.

Action: For sabbatical officers to take forward the proposal to amend the Memorandum & Articles of Association to the Board of Trustees to begin the process. 

Make Cardiff University Students’ Union a Living Wage Employer. FELL

  1. That Cardiff Students’ Union applies to the Living Wage Foundation for Living Wage accreditation as soon as the necessary steps are taken. 
  2. That all current and newly employed staff at Cardiff University Students’ Union are given a living wage of at least £9.00 per hour. (5)
  3. That Cardiff University Students’ Union immediately start planning to employ all on site contractors with the living wage by the start of the 2020/2021 academic year.

Action: No action required.

Protecting our Palestinian and Jewish Students. FELL

  1. Work with students to publish a report regarding academic, corporate and economic links between the student union and university with Israeli companies, institutions and companies that participate in the current Israeli government’s violations of international law.
  2. Mandate sabbatical officers to lobby for the end of current and future investment with Israeli firms and partnership, including G4S, Veolia, HP and military companies that supply Israel such as BAE Systems and Raytheon - as passed in Senate on 15.05.18. 10
  3. Lobby Cardiff University to immediately limit the research and connection implementation with Israeli Universities that is developing technology to enhance the capabilities of the Israeli Army's and its actions against innocent Palestinians. The same Palestinian students that the university accommodates as part of our Schools.
  4. Endorse a zero tolerance policy to Antisemitism. Examples of Antisemitic conduct are listed in notes point 19.
  5. Strongly condemn any and all acts of violent anti-Semitism and terrorism, such as the recent attacks in Pennsylvania.
  6. In accordance to our memorandums and articles of association to promote an inclusive environment, we should not allow Cardiff University & CUSU to host speakers that deny the existence, rights and self-determination of the Palestinian and Jewish people, the Holocaust, the Nakba, as well as any Antisemitic (notes point 20) and anti-Palestinian rhetoric.

Action: No action required.


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