"If you don't click, don't stick" | Podcast Episode 2

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In this week's episode "If you don't click, don't stick," your podcast hosts, VP Education, Hannah Doe and VP Societies & Volunteering, Luke Evans are joined by your VP Welfare, Georgie East and VP Postgraduate, Jane Chukwu.

This week, your Officers are talking all about Personal Tutors, in line with the recently launched Personal Tutor campaign which highlights what you should expect from your Personal Tutor and what you can do if it's not quite working out. Your Officers will be using your feedback to discuss the positive and negative experiences (and of course, they'll discuss their own personal experiences!), the common issues with personal tutors, how we may have too many expectations and conceptions about the role of a Personal Tutor and how we may not be utilising our Personal Tutors as much as we can.

This podcast episode does not just include what do prior to requesting a change but also discusses the outcomes of this change and why you shouldn't be worried. The Personal Tutor campaign was created by your Officers who have also worked with Personal Tutors to develop better signposting to ensure your Tutors can help you resolve any issues you may have.

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