Helping Hand from Home

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Our Mission

We miss all our volunteers (already!) at Cardiff Volunteering, so we have put together a series of little things that you can do at home to make a BIG difference! For the next 10 days we will be posting something little that we can all do to keep ourselves positive and make a big difference.

 Day 1

Start small, by making a difference to somebody else!

Talk. FaceTime an old friend, call an elderly relative. Download Zoom and have a virtual coffee date with someone you know that lives alone.

Day 2

Buddy up with someone to virtually learn a new language for the day! Top Tips: download Duolingo or only message/ talk to people in that language. Watch a film in that language. We would recommend Finding Nemo in German!

Day 3

Recently an aquarium closed its doors to visitors and let their penguins roam free! Penguins are amazing and bring us so much joy over the internet so let’s try and do our bit to look after them.

Volunteer with Penguin Watch! Tag penguins in remote regions to help scientists understand their lives and environment.

Day 4

Help those who are blind or have low-vision and solve tasks through Be My Eyes. This is a free app where you can give visual assistance through live video call.

Day 5

Help do your bit for the climate from your own home by taking part in the floating forests project online. This project gives you the chance to explore how forests of kelp grow and change over time.

Day 6

Discover ways that you can make your garden wildlife friendly through small changes. 

Day 7

Break down stereotypes. Take psychological tests for the non-profit organisation Project Implicit. This will help scientists understand societies hidden prejudices.

Don’t forget to click your correct nation.

Day 8

Sign petitions that are close to your heart here at

Day 9

Find yourself scrolling social media? Spread some positivity! Leave 4 uplifting comments on someone's feed or on a local businesses page.

Day 10

Missing Maps need your help. Can you map up missing places that may not have been noted before to help charitable organisations, search parties and organisations.


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