Being Trans In Cardiff

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I will admit, my experience with the Cardiff Trans community is mostly with Cardiff University

Societies and nights out in Pulse, Kings, or Mary’s. I’ve heard about the Mutual Aid Fund and Trans Pride Cardiff but only recently started being active within them. Nonetheless, these are some of my experiences living as a Trans Human in Cardiff.

The student community

My main experience is with Societies at Cardiff University. In 2018 I joined CU Pride, after returning back from a year abroad where I’d realised that I was trans. I knew no one and was new to the community. I hadn’t known who I truly was for long and hadn’t fully looked into transitioning or explored how I expressed my gender. I hadn’t even confronted my sexuality. Fortunately, through the CU Pride Parents’ Scheme, I met other trans humans. I saw a spectrum beyond what I’d grown up with, a spectrum of expression and identity.

Joining CU Pride I found myself!

I found people like me and started to explore expression and gender more than I had ever known existed. I found an amazing group of accepting people and, more importantly, I found myself.

In late 2019/early 2020 Lucas (LGBT+ Officer Trans) started Cardiff University’s first Trans Society. I joined the founding committee and helped establish another space for our community. Just like that, I saw my community grow and I was a part of that growth. I got to meet more people who identified as trans and learn their experiences and stories.

Now, in late 2020, I’m a parent for CU Pride, on the same scheme that introduced me to the Community that has helped me.

In addition, as a member of the TANGGS committee I am watching the community grow and exploring the broader Cardiff LGBT+ community

If you want to find out more about Parent Scheme via CU Pride Facebook Page. 

The wider Trans Community at Cardiff

Aubergine Café, Riverside

  • Recently, with lockdown gone, I went to the reopening of Aubergine, an LGBT+ and autistic friendly café. It is a great alcohol-free space for LGBT+ people of all ages. The staff were so kind and accepting, no judgement. The bathroom was gender neutral and accessible. This small business run by amazing, vibrant people showed me a wider community that has no care for how trans you are. Just that you be who you are.

Trans Pride Cardiff

  • A friend raves about Trans Pride Cardiff and their acceptance of all genders. They arrange protests to fight for the rights of all non-cisgender identities. They hold parades and celebrations of our identities and scream about our validity. They beg people to let us exist. Personally, I follow them on Facebook keeping my eyes open for protests and parades and every chance to explore more.

South Wales Trans and Non-Binary Mutual Aid

  • This is another amazing resource. They sign-post to trans friendly services and offer funding to trans people in need, contributing to surgery costs, rent, food, medications, etc. I looked at their page. If I had the money, I’d donate. I know these people are here and will help me find what I need.

Our community

We are here to support you. We''ll be your community
  • Our community should be where we are safe, where we are supported. And I found that in Cardiff. I found friends who will fight with me. I found a community where I could be myself and explore what that meant as much as I needed. I know not everyone will find that in the same place I did. But hold on. Your community is out there. The friends who will fight with you are waiting. And, until you find them, we’re here. We’ll hold you. We’ll support you. We’ll be a community you can be part of. A community you may eventually call home. So remember your losses. Remember your battles. Remember every struggle and fight and victory. And know, even in a pandemic, you are not alone.

Ashley Stone


Treasurer of TANGGS


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