Airsoft Society

SU Close Quarters Combat December

Sunday 03 December 2023, 9am - 8:30pm

The Great Hall

Event Information

A close quarters combat airsoft event right here in the Student Union!

This event will be split into 2 halves. Casual and competitive.

The Casual half:

  • Will begin as soon as the arena is setup (and staff briefings, chrono .etc are over).
  • Will be similar to our GIAG events. Gamemodes you are familiar with:
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Trouble in Terrorist Town
    • All vs All

The Competitive Half:

  • Begins at 1600hrs.
  • You will be split into teams of 4-5 (numbers dependant). You will stay with this team throughout the event.
  • A "capture the intel" gamemode will be played. The rules will be explained in the briefing before.
  • The scores from games will be recorded on a leaderboard.

The prize is bragging rights. Although it is a good opportunity to demonstrate your skills before competitive team selection over Christmas \;) .

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