Caving & Canyoning Club

SRTree With Ely

Saturday 19 November 2022, 11am - 4pm

Meet in Bute Park (Details will come later)

Event Information

On Saturday Ely will be running another SRTree session in Bute Park, similar to the last one we did. If you sign up, then I will allocate you all a session, between 11 and 4, if you have a specific time you'd like to go at, please message me (Thomas Beech) on whatsapp and I will try to accomodate it. No experience is necessary, Ely will teach you how to ascend (Prusik) and Descend on a rope, and also how to do a changeover on the rope. Sessions will last around 90 minutes. Please message if you have any questions, or know anyone that is interested in joining the caving club and wants to come along, and if there is space I may be able to add them as well. 

SRT is really useful if you want to do more advanced caving trips in the upcoming year (especially in Yorkshire- check out Alum Pot!!) 

Thank you! 

Lil Tom

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