Postgraduate Association

Postgraduate Drop-in session

Friday 17 March 2023, noon - 1pm

ROOM UPDATE 3E - 3rd Floor, SU

Event Information

Want to have a chat or would like to raise something to Angie VP Postgraduate? Come to my weekly drop-in sessions, free hot drinks and biscuits will also be provided, I am looking forward to meeting you!

How can I help you?

My role is to be a bridge between you and the university (similar to the Student Reps), and look after your academic and student experience representation. To be able to do this I attend a large amount of meetings that allow me to network with academics and members of staff - IT, libraries, Heads of Schools, Deans and many other departments - which means that I have a general understanding of the university processes and can support you in escalating issues or identifying the best services for your enquiry.

Do you want to just have a chat?

I will be happy to have a chat! Feel free to come by :)

Would you like to provide feedback without having to come into the SU?

Fill up this form and I will come back to you as soon as I can!