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Student Voice

AGM | CCB 2018

The Great Hall • Thu 22 November 2018 17:30-22:00

The largest forum for student ideas, debate, and decision-making.

Countdown to AGM 2018:

What is the AGM?

*Agenda pack will be added once motions have been submitted*

AGM is a large forum where a wide variety of students come to debate and determine the direction of Cardiff Students’ Union, which usually takes place at the end of November. As the Students’ Union is directed by you, our student members, we use the AGM to adopt a collective stance on an issue and decide what action we will take.

All students are welcome to attend the AGM and anyone can submit a motion for change. A motion consists of an idea that you think the Union should follow for example in the past The Union has banned selling certain products like Nestle as they are seen by many people to be unethical. Any student can attend, and any student can submit a motion for discussion. 

The AGM is the place where students are presented with the Students’ Union’s Annual Report. Other business to be transacted at the AGM includes:

  • ratification of minutes of the previous meeting;
  • receiving the accounts of the Union for the previous financial year;
  • approving the list of affiliations of the Union; open questions to the Trustees by the Student Members;
  • and any motions submitted by members.

In unusual circumstances when an urgent desicion needs to be made, an Extraordinary General Meeting may also be called at another point in the year. 

This year's AGM will take place on Thursday 22 November at 18:00.

Every Cardiff University student is invited and encouraged to attend. Numbers in past years have reached around 650 students allowing great opportunity to discussions and debates. Doors open at 17:30 and please remember your Student ID card as you will require this for entry. 

Agenda pack will be added as and when it becomes available.

If you would like any more information about the AGM do not hesitate to contact the Student Voice Team. Please email AGM@cardiff.ac.uk and we can answer your query via email or arrange a meeting for a discussion with one of the Student Voice members of staff. 

Dates at a glance

  • Notice of AGM - Monday 5 November
  • Deadline for Motions - Monday 12 November (midday)
  • Agenda circulated - Thursday 15 November 
  • Deadline for Amendments of motions - Wednesday 21 November 5pm
  • AGM itself - Thursday 22 November 6pm

What Has AGM Done For You?

  • Voted to introduce a full time Vice President Heath Park, and Vice President Postgraduate
  • Voted to boycott Nestle products
  • Supported homeless people have access to sanitary products
  • Amended the role of Vice President Socieities to include Volunteering
  • Created a Mental Health Campaign Officer
  • Voted to ensure the Great Hall didn't become a full time lecture theatre