Students join striking members of staff

Friday 17 March 2023, 9am - 11am

Outside Centre for Students Life (Bottom of SU stairs)

Event Information

The National University and College Union (UCU) Strike Action is not only a fight for better pay and pensions, but it is also to stand against pay inequality, precarious work, and excessive workloads which affect our lecturers, our education and many Postgraduate students who teach across the country.

Whilst the SU has a stance of supporting the strikes and lobbying for refunds as mandated by our students, we hear the voices and concerns of students about their education, and the consequences that the 18 days of strike action will have. Due to this, and with the support of the UCU, the Sabbatical Officer team has drafted a letter to the Vice-Chancellor requesting that (1) financial compensation be given to students who have their courses disrupted and (2) the university is transparent in how the funds saved from withheld pay are being used. Click here to know more about the Students' Union Industrial Action awareness campaign and what we are doing to support you. 

Read our full statement here.

If you would like to have your say as a student and stand against inequalities, join VP Postgrads and VP Education outside of the Centre for Student Life (CSL) and bottom of the Students' Union stairs - opposite the Main Building.

We will be touring the pickets in the School of Medicine and the School of Healthcare Sciences, and providing free hot drinks to our lecturers to help them combat cold weather.


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