ABBA Society

Dress as an ABBA lyric YOLO night

Wednesday 04 October 2023, 6pm - 3am

The Flora & Cardiff Student Union

Event Information

Welcome back to our returning members and a warm welcome to newcomers! We're kicking off the year with our first social event, marking the beginning of the second year of the ABBA society. We're excited for an amazing time ahead! To start things off, we'll gather at The Flora Pub for some drinks and the opportunity to meet fellow ABBA fans. Afterward, we'll all head over to the SU and have an amazing night at YOLO.

However there is one thing....

some of you may already know that Wednesdays at the SU are renowned for their fancy dress tradition with other societies, so we thought it would be fun to join in. We invite everyone to dress up as an ABBA lyric. Whether it's simply copping a crown to become "The Dancing Queen," becoming a "Super Trouper," "Tiger," "Angel Eyes," or any other ABBA-themed idea, let your creativity run wild! And if you choose not to dress up, there might be a  forfeit in store for you, (you’ve been warned)

Meet @ The Flora pub 6PM


insta- @cardiffabbasociety

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