Cardiff Volunteering

Jailbreak 2019

Friday 22 March 2019, 2pm - 6pm


Event Information

Tickets close 4pm Tuesday the 19th of March 

A 52 hour charity race to the furthest places and back to Cardiff again.

Cardiff Volunteering's annual fundraiser happens every March. Teams race to get as far away from Cardiff as possible and back in 52 hours without spending any money on transport.

Last year's winning team made it to Lanzarote. The Cardiff record however is Cyprus Think you can beat them? Get involved!

Ticket price £15 per person and each team member needs to purchase a ticket or you can buy them all together if you select 2 to 4 tickets - minimum of 2 people per team and maximum of 4.

In addition, each team member needs to raise minimum of £50 each for Cardiff Volunteering to take part. So, for example, if you are a team of 3 you need to raise minimum £150. You can buy your ticket before you start fundraising and you can carry on fundraising throughout/after the event! You can raise money just for Cardiff Volunteering and our projects or 50% of the money you raise can go to Cardiff Volunteering, the other 50% can go towards any local charities you support or your chosen Cardiff University Students' Union Society or AU club.

To fundraise teams will need to set up a fundraising page that is connected to the main Jailbreak fundraising page. You can do that though the main Jailbreak fundraising page and details on how to set up the connecting team fundraising page can be found here. It's a slightly different process if you are splitting your fundraising with another charity - please email for the 50/50 split guide. If you are raising for a society or AU club Cardiff Volunteering will transfer the 50% once all fundraising has finished.

Important: Every team member must attend a Safety Briefing in order to take part in Jailbreak, The date of this compulsory safety breifing is at 6pm on the 14th March and you shall receive an email with more information once you have bought a Jailbreak ticket.

We have some amazing prizes that teams can win from taking part in during the 52 hours.

Crazy travel not your thing but still want to be involved? Volunteer with us on the weekend to keep the Jailbreak teams safe. More info email

Find out How To Ace Jailbreak

By buying a ticket for this event you are consenting to being contacted by Cardiff Volunteering regarding future events and activities, you will be signing up as a member of Cardiff Volunteering. If you have any problems with this please contact . If you are a student, please select standard membership at the checkout, if you are not please select associate membership.