Welsh Varsity 2022

Medics Varsity 2023

#WearYourColoursWithPride #UppaMeds

Every year Cardiff Medics take on Bristol Medics for the title of Champions in the Medics Varsity. This years Medic's Varsity takes place in Bristol and all students are invited to support our Heath Park sports clubs and teams. Whether you are Heath based or not, this event is for everyone and promises to be an exciting day of sporting action. Keep your eyes on this page for event information!
Join us and Wear Your Colours With Pride

Saturday 2nd December 2023

Medics Varsity 2023 Fixture List:

  • Men's Rugby vs Cardiff: 1pm @ 3G pitch, Coombe Dingle
  • Mixed Basketball vs Cardiff: 2pm @ Merchants Academy Sports Centre
  • Men's Football vs Cardiff: 3pm @ 3G pitch, Coombe Dingle
  • Women's Hockey: 3.30pm @ Merchants Academy Sports Centre
  • Men's Hockey: 5.30pm @ Merchants Academy Sports Centre
  • Netball: 3:30pm @ Merchants Academy Sports Centre
Bristol will be hosting this year, we're excited to see you all there! Check out Medics Varsity 2021 Images uploaded on our pages: Facebook page
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Behaviour and Safety Information

Remember, you are an ambassador of Cardiff University during this event. Behaviour that contravenes the standards set out in the Student Behaviour Procedure will be reported to the University and investigated under complaint and disciplinary procedures. The consequences of this can have serious consequences to your education or future career as well as your ongoing participation in sporting or social activity with the Students’ Union.
We hope you enjoy the day, but please remember to look after yourself and your friends. Plan ahead. Know where you are going, how you are getting there and who you are meeting. Inform friends of your whereabouts. Ensure you get home safe.
Drink responsibly
  • Remember, alcohol lowers inhibitions, leading to impaired judgement which means you are more likely to take risks and get into trouble

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T-Shirts can be collected from the Athletic Union Friday 1st Dec 9-5pm. Please bring your purchase confirmation.

Men's Football and Men's Rugby

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Mixed Basketball and Netball

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Ladies' and Men's Hockey

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