Housing Action

Housing Action

Housing Action is a Student-Led Service aimed at educating and informing students of common student housing issues that may occur and offering tips on how to solve or limit potential problems. As well as signposting students to existing services with Student Advice - for example, access to the ‘Looking for Accommodation’ lists and Contract Checks - Housing Action aims to spread the necessary information at critical points in the academic year.

The need for Housing Action comes largely from our awareness of the scale of housing-related issues that can ultimately have a very negative impact on a student’s time at Cardiff. From being unhappy in halls to being coerced into signing housing contracts too soon and potentially living in the ‘wrong’ house with the ‘wrong’ people, there are a multitude of difficulties that can arise that strongly relate to student housing. A student may not realise when they sign a contract that their house has an ongoing issue with damp and mould or that there are other health and safety risks that were not apparent on their first viewing of the property. Housing Action aims ultimately to empower students into making the best possible choices for themselves when it comes to accommodation.

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