Zimbabwean Society

The Cardiff University Zimbabwean Society (ZimSoc) is a vibrant and welcoming society which aims to create and strengthen the Zimbabwean community in Cardiff and all over. We welcome and are open to anyone who would love to learn more about and celebrate the Zimbabwean culture and its languages. 

We seek to create and provide an atmosphere where we can all benefit from the cultural, social, educational and charitable events, encouraging collaboration in whatever we can.

We can ensure fun and exciting events such as quiz and game nights which will include the ‘typical’ Zim card game - crazy 8, our summer gochi gochi (BBQ) and outdoor games (including maflau). Most definitely, there will be regular Zim socials i.e; sadza Sundays and nights out to some of the best Afrobeats clubs, to mention a few.  

So go ahead! BECOME A MEMBER to receive discounts and priority to our exciting events.

Got any questions about the Zimbabwean culture that you’d like to find out more about? It can be anything from ukama/ubuhlobo (addressing family dynamics) and ubuntu, to more sensitive topics such as navigating multicultural relationships, please let us know.

We are committed to providing a cultural insight into the Zimbabwean traditions through informal and formal discussions that you DON’T want to miss!

Above all, we are a community that supports and encourages one another.

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We look forward to being a community with you! 

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  • Zimbabwean Society Standard Membership£3.50