Yoga Society

Welcome to the Cardiff university yoga society. Our society provides a weekly timetable of a variety of yoga classes that are suitable for all abilities. We proudly have fantastic professional yoga teachers who run these classes. We also run regular socials and yoga retreats alongside this.   


Yoga creates a sense of harmony between the mind and body. The benefits can include increased feelings of calm, joy and ease; mindfulness; improved strength and balance; and reduced stiffness.   


 You will need to bring your own yoga mat as unfortunately we are not able to provide them.  


A membership will cost £75 for the academic year. This will provide you access to all of our classes on the weekly timetable. 

 This is a fantastic opportunity and price for yoga classes. A class in a regular yoga studio would cost upwards of £12. Whereas with our membership it works out at roughly 50p per class if you attend all classes or £2.50 if you attend one class a week! 


Alternatively, you can pay as you go for £4 per class. 


Give it a go classes will run at the start of term for two weeks. Tickets for these will be £2.50 Alternatively you can attend these classes as part of your membership.  


Half year memberships will be available in the Spring semester only. 



Class descriptions 


Hatha flow:  

Hatha has a slow pace that works to open up space in the body, release tension and relax the mind. It has a focus on the breath, controlled movements, and stretching.  


Slow flow: 

The focus on slow movement helps to feel the mind body connection. This class tends to include some meditation at the end.  



Yin is a meditative practice that consists of a sequence of slow yogic postures held for up to 5 minutes at a time to allow deep tensions in the body to unravel. The practice is linked to the Chinese meridian system and helps open the meridians so more Qi/ energy can move through the body.  


Joyful flow:

Lilia’s class involves a combination of Vinyasa and Hatha flow. Vinyasa yoga focuses on linking together yoga poses with a focus on breath work. The class is about celebrating body and movement.  


Hatha + Vinyasa:

The combination of hatha and vinyasa works to create a sense of feeling good within oneself. There is always an intention set with a guided or visual meditation and a pranayama practise.



This will be a slower moving hatha vinyasa class with a strong focus on how to do different poses. 
This is perfect for beginners who want to learn techniques and tips about how to do yoga safely and in the best way for their body. However, this is also ideal for more experienced students wishing to improve their yoga technique. 
Lilia advocates that there is never a right or a wrong way to do a pose because they will always look different in each body. Instead, she focuses on a variety of techniques to feel stronger in a pose or to provide a greater range of motion for each individual. (Notably, all of our classes are beginner friendly, however this would be perfect for a beginner wanting to focus on techniques.) 



How to sign up for our classes:


How do I sign up for classes that are held in the Students union? 

(Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday’s classes are held in the Students union.)


  • If you’re a member:
  • You can attend as many classes as you want. Just turn up!
  • However - for Kalpana's 4pm class on Mondays you must 'signup' on this page before arriving to secure your place. This is due to limited capacity for this class. Please ensure that you do this otherwise we cannot guarantee you a spot in class!


If you’re not a member: 

  • You will need to buy a pay as you go ticket on our SU page.


How do I sign up for Thursday’s Class in stretchy suzies?


If you’re a member:

  • You must register for this class on our students union page before attending. There will be a limited number of people who can register online for this due to limited capacity in the studio. The begining of this class will include a register. 

If you’re not a member:

  • This class will be for members only apart from when maximum capacity has not been reached on the register. In such cases pay as you go tickets will become available to non members. 


Refund policy:

It is recommended by the Students Union that we put in place a refund policy. For pay as you go tickets/ socials we will offer full refunds in the event of our cancellation, however if for any reason you can not make it to the event we will be unable to reimburse you.



See pictures below of our weekend retreat we did last March.



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  • Yoga Society Standard Membership£75.00


GIAG Yoga society Joyful flow
3rd October 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Cathays Community Centre
Joyful flow yoga class. Please bring your own mat!
GIAG Yoga society Joyful flow
10th October 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Cathays Community Centre
Joyful flow yoga class. Please bring your own mat!


  • Yoga Retreat 2023 - driver ticket£110.00
  • GIAG Yoga society Joyful flow Tue 3 Oct 2023 - General£2.50
  • GIAG Yoga society Joyful flow Tue 10 Oct 2023 - General£2.50