Yoga Society

Welcome to the Cardiff university yoga society. Our society provides a weekly timetable of a variety of yoga classes that are suitable for all abilities. We proudly have fantastic professional yoga teachers who run these classes. We also run regular socials and yoga retreats alongside this.   


Yoga creates a sense of harmony between the mind and body. The benefits can include increased feelings of calm, joy and ease; mindfulness; improved strength and balance; and reduced stiffness.   


 You will need to bring your own yoga mat as unfortunately we are not able to provide them.  


A membership will cost £75 for the academic year. This will provide you access to all of our classes on the weekly timetable. 

 This is a fantastic opportunity and price for yoga classes. A class in a regular yoga studio would cost upwards of £12. Whereas with our membership it works out at roughly 50p per class if you attend all classes or £2.50 if you attend one class a week! 


Alternatively, you can pay as you go for £4 per class. 


Give it a go classes will run at the start of term for two weeks. Tickets for these will be £2.50 Alternatively you can attend these classes as part of your membership.  


Half year memberships will be available in the Spring semester only for £40. 

Summer term memberships are availbale for £15. 


Class descriptions 


Joyful flow: 

Joyful flow is about celebrating the experience of the annamaya kosha/ having a physical body and all the movement that can come with this. This class is a chromatic style yoga class where students will cultivate a higher awareness of their body, and mind. This includes developing awareness of different muscle groups, joint articulations, actions, and how useful these can be on a journey towards more physically demanding postures. This class is about celebrating the practice itself instead of just the outcome or pose. The class will move at a slightly faster pace and so is aimed at stunners who love moving their body.


Dynamic flow: 

An awakening, flowy, vinyasa class with an emphasis stretching and energising the body whilst still moving with the breath and remaining connected. Designed to concentrate on gentle stretching, hip opening and muscle building whilst grounding the body and bringing balance to the mind. We will flow, grow and learn together. This class is about challenging boundaries but still treating ourselves with love and kindness. The class is aimed at more regular yogis, but anyone and everyone is welcome always, modifications will be offered for beginners.


Hatha and meditation:

This class will be a mix of slow movement for half an hour and then there will be half an hour desiccated to meditation. Kalpana will teach a variety of relaxing meditation techniques throughout the term. 



Yin is a meditative practice that consists of a sequence of slow yogic postures held for up to 5 minutes at a time to allow deep tensions in the body to unravel. The class will be themed every week with Daoist philosophies and the Chinese five element theory for you to reflect on as you hold static postures for up to 5 minutes.  The practice is linked to the Chinese meridian system and helps open the meridians so more Qi/ energy can move through the body.   



This Class will move slowly through breathing techniques, physical yoga poses as well as yoga philosophy. Lilia strongly believes that there isn’t a right or wrong way to do a pose, rather benefits and drawbacks in each body. She uses this class to focus on different ideas and techniques that she hopes will create strength, stability and greater range of motion for students. Ideal for beginners or someone new to yoga but also great for those wanting to slow down and learn more. 


How to sign up for our classes: 


How do I sign up for classes that are held in the Students union?  

If you’re a member: 

  • You can attend as many classes as you want. Just turn up! You will need to show your membership receipt to the teacher on the door as you enter class.   

If you’re not a member:  

  • You will need to buy a pay as you go ticket on our SU page. You will then need to show the teacher this ticket on the door as you enter the class.  

How do I sign up for classes in 3C? 

  • This is a smaller studio so you need to sign up on the SU website.  There will be a register at the start of the class. 



Refund policy:

It is recommended by the Students Union that we put in place a refund policy. For pay as you go tickets/ socials we will offer full refunds in the event of our cancellation, however if for any reason you can not make it to the event we will be unable to reimburse you.



See pictures below of our weekend retreat we did last March.



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  • Yoga Society Standard Membership£75.00
  • Yoga Society Standard Membership - Spring Semester£40.00
  • Yoga Society Standard Membership - Summer Term£15.00


  • GENERAL MEMBERS Retreat Ticket£130.00