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Yoga Society

Hiya Yogis! 

Here at Cardiff University Yoga Society we're dedicated to providing uni yogis with the highest quality yoga classes at a student-friendly price. It will cost you £52.50 to join our society but this entitles you to as much yoga as you like for the academic year! Half-year memberships are also available for £27.50. This means that classes work out to be around £2.50 per session (if you attend 1 class a week) making it great value and the cheapest yoga in the whole of Cardiff!

Our society is for anybody and any BODY that's ready to move, breathe and practice yoga :)

As well as benefiting physically & mentally from regularly practising yoga, you can also expect to meet many friendly, like-minded people both in our classes & on our socials (did someone say yin & gin?!)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to post on our facebook group, or message individual committee members for a quicker response. Alternatively, we have a society email address ''. 



The Yoga Society has moved mostly online in light of the Covid-19 restrictions, but we will still provide you with fun, varied and interactive classes. Our aim is to ensure all our members have access to classes in the safest way possible, therefore even if your self-isolating or living away from university this year there will be online classes for you to participate in. Our classes at Stretchy Suzies will be held in person however until restrictions ease these are the only sessions that will be held face to face. We will endeavour to host face to face classes as soon as it feasible. 

We will distribute a zoom link for our online classes which you will be able to follow to access the class. Often there will be time for a quick chat at the beginning and the end of the class so the social aspect of our classes will still very much be there. 

Keep an eye on our facebook and instagram for updates on how our classes will run this year. We will keep you in the loop at all times.

We offer many styles of yoga and you can read up on them below to help you decide which class suits you best!

Class Descriptions

Hatha flow has a slower pace than vinyasa yoga and works to open up space in the body, release tension and relax the mind. It’s a fluid and traditional style and Ross’s class style originates close to what he learned in India, keeping that authentic feel to it. He likes to mix it up with mellow music and a combination of passive and active postures that are accessible for all levels to follow and get the best out of it for themselves.







For yogis with a more intermediate practice or those who just want a bit of a challenge... expect fierce flows, creative transitions and visualisations to gently coax you out of your comfort zone.Classes will work to a ‘peak’ posture, incorporating arm balances and going upside down and of course leaving time for some sweeeet relaxation at the end.








This class takes its time to slowwww things down and really create some mind-body connection. Scarlett’s class will work the entire body in a slow flowing class with a little meditation sprinkled in leaving you ready to take on whatever your weekend has in store. So dreamy you’ll be floating around on that yoga high for hours!








Vinyasa flow classes will consist of a mix of some static postures combined with flowing sequences exploring different patterns of movement and aspects of yoga. Each teacher will have a slightly different style but always expect to use the breath as a harness to find the balance between powerful transitions and soft fluidity.








A returning fave for our autumn timetable. Sunday’s 7:30-8:30pm is your chill out time with Lizzie. This class is a super slow practice full of juicy stretches and nourishing breath work to leave you feeling zen out of ten to start the week.








Yin yoga classes consist of a sequence of slow yogic postures held for up to 5 minutes at a time to allow the fascia, tendons, ligaments and bones of the body to open. The practice is linked to the chinese meridian system and helps open the meridians so more Qi/ energy can move through the body. It's an introspective, still, meditative practice that allows very deep tensions in the body to unravel.










With the current COVID-19 pandemic, running socials has become somewhat challenging. Whilst we hope to run lots of socials throughout the year, we have to ensure that they can be run safely and that they follow the government guidelines. Unfortunately we cannot run any indoor socials with more that six people, however groups of up to 30 people can meet outside (socially distanced) so we are planning some picnics in the park to kick off the new academic year!

Fingers crossed we can hold more socials throughout the year as the guidelines are reviewed (I will be staying up to date with any changes) - we have so many ideas (brunches, SUP yoga, "yoga wine down," yin and gin, park run, etc.) and hope that at some point we will be able to hold socials at places like WildThing and Blue Honey. We will also be looking into potential workshops for all you lovely yogis so watch this space! 

Stay up to date with the latest socials on our facebook page and please feel free to share any ideas - it's a strange time so inspiration and ideas will always be welcomed! 



Every February we host our Winter Retreat. The last few years we have used Tyddyn Retreat in mid-wales (in the pictures). This is always a great weekend to unwind, make friends, explore the outdoors and immerse yourself in yoga! We also try to run a day retreat a term for a mini version of the weekend escape!




We have lots of gorgeous merch available for purchase including mat bags, hoodies, vests and cropped T-shirts. All our merch is ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and of the highest quality. Mat bags are available all year round and clothing items are done in bulk orders so look out for deadlines/ info for these on our Facebook page. 


We are ensuring none of our merch goes to waste so selling out 2019/2020 merch at a discounted price, as well as a sale of our mat bags (was £16.50 now only £10!!)




Classes will all be online this semester via zoom apart from the practices held at Stretchy Suzies which will be face to face. 

As we are now online, we are no longer restricted to 1 class a week. So you could do up to 20 classes per week!

Follow us on facebook and instagram to stay up to date with news and events.

- You will need your own mat for the classes - these can be picked up fairly cheaply online/ in the city centre




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  • Yoga Society Standard Membership - Spring Semester£25.00